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    Hi I have a quick question. my husband works preload and will also be starting drivers helper next week. Will he get paid two differant wages? and also how will overtime work with this? Thanks in advance!!
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    Im in omaha, I think it works the same through the whole company. Helper rate is $11.76/hr. You get overtime for working over 20hrs I think.
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    I thought preloaders were paid 8.50 (or some lowball wage) to jump? I turn it down because working 18 hours days is not a much fun...

    You punch out from preload and that ends that day...

    The driver would enter in the board the start time for the helper and that begins a seperate pay code...

    Make sure your husband gets GOOD shoes that are comforatable... Climbing in and out and running (walking at brisk pace) to doors is hell after working preload. Maybe bring extra sock to change into...
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    Preloaders are paid their reg. rate for preloading. Once you clock out, and then clock in with the driver you are making $11.76. I might be wrong on the overtime.
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    This is my second season of doing it.

    I preload for 5 hours. Then have a short break until 10:30 and then go help for 3-5 hours. Preload rate in morning. 11.76 for helping. NO OT until over 40 hours in the week. I have had combined days of 10 hours yet DO NOT get overtime till after 40 for the week.

    It is a complete screw over, but I need the money.
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    $9.50 an hour for driver helper out here and you get overtime over 8 hour workday.
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    New to the board but here it goes. Driver helper is a very good oportunity for part-timers (Which I once was) to see what it takes to be a driver. Driver helper worked great for me all the years I did it, made good money doing it also. UPS will give you the Overtime if you want it at least thats what happened to me. The sad part is that most helpers are not reliable, by the second week of peak they have weeded through the outside helpers but where the problem sits is with the inside workers because helping is just that, helping. It is extra work part-timers seem to pick and choose when to show up at least in my center. Moral to story tell you husband to be very clear to the driver, he want the hours and he will show up and trust me the work will follow......... First post sorry for the blabbering
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    I was told if you are going to be a driver helper and already a PTmer, try to go with a Supervisor or Manager... Because if a Supe's driving the hourly gets FULL Driver pay....
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    The helper pay rate must vary around the country because the ad in the Sunday paper said the pay was $8.50 per hour.
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    Its $11.76/hr in Denver (Rocky Mountain District). I seem to remember something about this coming up last year. I think its $11.76/hr in a couple other districts, too. Maybe its Indiana. I helped in the North Illinois District a couple years ago and it was $9.50/hr. -Rocky