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  1. tre305

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    please forgive me if this has already been covered but....exactly how does this OT for an insider preloader work?

    now i know that anything after 5 hours inside is OT but since ive been working here i was always told that if you go over 7.99 then you lose all your gained OT and return to straight pay. well our start time has been 1 am all this week and pretty much the entire preload has 8 or 8-1/2 hrs worked.

    now ive asked everyone from my shop steward to calling up HR and keep getting different answers each time.

    my question is, what happens to our time after 8 hours? does it indeed to back to straight pay or is there some kind of special exception during peak?

    also ive been jumping since October and is that a separate time card from preload hours? b/c i was told that is was but then today from my direct supervisor (who has an angle for everything) told me that preload hours and jumping hours are all together.

    im just really confused on this. should i start clocking out at 7.99 to save my OT and clock back in?
  2. bleedinbrown58

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    Just preload hours....not sure about jumping..I think that depends on your supplement. But example...I worked 9.5 hours preload today....that's 5 hours straight time and 4.5 hrs OT. As far as I know...unless your supplement says something different.
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    I think what you're describing would be incredibly ridiculous if true. If it's even possible for something like that to vary by supplement, call your union local and ask to talk to the... um... BA, I think he's called? Whoever the head guy of the local is. If he doesn't know the answer right away, he can at least look into it and call you back.
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    thats an exact answer i got from a co-worker today as well since this was a hot topic last peak with us working crazy hours. i actually worked 8 and a half hrs this morning so if its the same guidelines then thats 5 hours straight pay along with 3 and a half hrs of OT.
  5. tre305

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    that is actually my next step as of right now. just looked up the number and address to the place. we haven't had a visit from our BA in a while now but i know exactly who he is and ill definitely reach out to him about this. i was upset at the fact that its somehow ok for loads to be late or not show up keeping us on the clock still pushing work out well after 8 hours and losing that OT. i mean my current pay rate is decent but to double that for 3 or more hours would look nice on that check come friday.
  6. laffter

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    If you're not entirely new to UPS, I'm wondering why you don't already know the answer to this question? If you recorded a single week of peak hours and then compared them to the hours (for the different pay rates) shown on your pay stub, you'd have your answer.

    If it shows very little or no OT at your inside rate, then you know what you heard is true. Otherwise, if you're working 8+ a day inside, you'd see 15+ hours of OT.
  7. jibbs

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    Anything over 5 is OT for me. Anything. I could finish the day with 5.5 hours, in which case I'd get 30 minutes OT pay, or I could finish with 10 hours, in which case I'd get 5 hours OT pay.

    I definitely see this varying by supplement, though.
  8. UnsurePost

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    I was over two hours "late" (1am) and was 9.75.

    The OT varies by supplement. In New England, or at least this local, rate goes back to straight time after 8. But I believe you get 3 hours of OT, so 5/3, and back to straight time. However you can sign a list for a guaranteed 8 hours, for all five weeks.
  9. bleedinbrown58

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    Really? That sucks...I don't believe PTers are limited in OT for a single shift in my local.
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    My supplement is worded that if you're scheduled to work an 8 hour shift then it is OT after 8, I don't believe that if you're only given a start time and not a set finish time 8 hours later to go along with it that they can call it "scheduled", therefore OT starts after 5. Or should, in theory.
  11. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler


    Part-time employees are defined as employees who, when
    reporting to work as scheduled, shall receive the guarantee
    provided in Article 22, Section 5 (b), except for those parttime
    employees scheduled to work eight (8) hours. Should
    any part-time employee be required to work beyond the fifth
    (5th) hour he shall be paid one and one half (1 ½) times his
    regular hourly rate for those hours worked in excess of five
    (5) hours on that day.
    When an employee elects to accept an assignment to a second
    shift, prior to the end of their regular shift this provision shall
    not apply

    I was wrong...don't remember this language but it's been a while. So there it is for New Englanders. This is definitely newer lanaguage than mid-2000s and 97
  12. tre305

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    Well i finally found out that at least in miami and I'd assume my local, we do keep our OT.

    As far as jumping goes, it's OT after 5 hours. But I had to give that up today. Cutting down the insiders hours to 2-3 max and it just wouldn't be worth it. I make way more inside at my current pay rate.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    I could make a lot more money double shifting then driving with OT after 5 hours instead of 8. But driving around in a GMC rental van listening to the radio, turning the heat down to pick up and deliver misloads off the drivers is much easier.