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  1. husker

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    Going on 4 years now, I have worked my way "up" to the front of the belt as a "splitter/preloader". This position was held by a gentleman who had been here for many years, and due to injuries incurred on the job he had to "retire". Well I hinted to the PT belt Sup that I would like to work up there, and I was placed there. At the time it was a very disireable position to be in, with one car and it was a rural route so it was pretty light. I was told that I would be responsible for splitting 95% of the time, as the loader across from me has heavy cars. As time marched on I noticed a progressively heavier load and then they placed another car in my area, so now I have 2 cars and the responsibilty of splitting the belt.

    As of today, the typical day consists of 300+ packages on EACH car, plus the responsibility of splitting the belt, which typically has 19 cars, and we are starting at 4:30-4:50 and are being yelled at to get out the door by 8:30. If you ask me that is a completely unobtainable goal.

    Can anyone shed some light on my situation? They never tell us our PPH, in fact the first time I've even heard of PPH was through this website! Is there suppose to be a set limit for PPH, and if so is it different for Splitter/Preloaders? Are there stated rules that I could use to back up my objections? Should I get the Union involved? PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Just do the best you can while working at a safe pace.
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    It sounds as though you went in to this position thinking it would stay the same for you as it was for the "older" gentleman. I am sure they couldn't wait for that guy to retire and had already planned on adding the second PC to whomever was placed in that position. You will become more comfortable with the position as time goes on. As Hoax said, just do the best you can while working at a safe pace.
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    The same thing has happened with one of the splitters in my building. Just do the best you can, and ask for help if you need it.
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    I worked preload for a year. Then I switched to the night sort at my hub. Don't regret it one bit. I couldn't stand preload.
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    I'm sure our splitter who has two cars, pulls all the "hold for pickups" and splits for 35 routes will trade with you!
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    You should be thankful that PPH are not harped upon you. You've worked at UPS for 4 years, so you should understand there is no "set limit" for anything. You will be pushed to what your maximum output is and then a little more.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am going to ask this knowing I am going to get slammed but isn't splitting easier now with PAS/EDD? I know in my center all of the even lanes are on the right side of the belt while the odd ones are on the left and the bottom half of the belt is fed from the upper belt which has it's own splitter. I am not saying it is easy but it has to be easier than pre-PAS/EDD.
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    Regardless of the complexity of the knowledge units, there is still the physical action of sorting out each package and either pushing or pulling it to one side of the belt or the other. That is essentially where the allowances are based not the knowledge.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Agreed but pre-PAS/EDD the splitter had to know whch towns were on which side of the belt. Now all they have to know is which side is even and which side is odd.
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    Splitting is easier, theoretically. The problem is that now you have to split more packages than before. If you have a 3 foot wide belt jammed solid with packages, things aren't easy.

    To repeat, do the best you can while working at a safe pace.

    If you let them give you 5 cars, you will be doing 5 cars. If you ever need help make sure it is ALWAYS from a union employee. Once they get the message it cuts way back on the games.
  12. LoaderforUPS

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    I used to do the splitter spot. Let me tell you, that was an utter nightmare. As that tiger kitty icon posted should be easier to do it with the 'pal labels' but on our belt. it was 400's (truck pal label numbers), on the right side, and the 300's (truck pal labels on the left side). Easy right? well they had a bulk stop truck at the end of the belt. That was in the 300 section, and you had to push it over with the 400's. Why? Because that's how UPS works. so why not make that bulk stop a 300 instead of 400? that'd be too simple, and management doesn't want simple. Because that would break their sweet rythme. Make it more work for the splitter. Now if we just started earlier, life would be easier. Start at 3am each day (until christmas). There is no need to start at random different start times in my opinion. When you get done, you go home. End of story.
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    Yeah, work safe...oh and don't forget to mark every box with your CRAYON lol. as my management say everyday 'circle your pal labels'. But that's another topic all together...

    I give you credit for being able to pull 2 trucks that get 600 boxes a day, please tell me they are at least bulk stop trucks. That would seriously suck otherwise. If it makes you feel any better, I pull 4 trucks in the back of the line that average 1200-1300 on a normal day. But I couldn't split. that'd just drive me insanely nuts. Keep up the good work! =D
  14. UnsurePost

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    Slow down a little bit over time. Don't let them bully you into injury or putting so much work onto you, that you fail.

    That is UPSs goal after all, to grease a squeaky wheel somewhere else in the operation and stick that pressure somewhere else.

    I once loaded a 24 footer and a P300, and split a belt. Did it for over a year (one of my many, many bldg assignments over the years). That was also pre-PAS.

    Slow down, work safely and intelligently and you will sure be hearing about PPH soon enough- but you will also be much happier.
  15. ImMadasHEll

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    People think splitting is so easy but I'd rather go back to loading 3,4 cars.

    Splitting is HELL and I've hated it ever since I was moved there. The responsibility of loading 1 or 2 cars plus, pulling off bulk stop for my neighbor who'd get hammered otherwise, emptying those nasty mail bins with a billion letters, breaking jams every 5 seconds, getting rid of NOLABELS/WRONGBELTs, and finally picking up packages that fall off the side every 5 minutes or else it becomes a mountain. All that and you have to squeeze it in a 3 and a half hour shift.