Preload starts at 11:00 pm tonight

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    From what I have heard since its still the weekend then overtime or double time or whatever kicks in and some people have claimed that it stays that way for the whole shift. Anyone have any insight into that?

    So we start at 11:00 pm Sunday night. No idea when we will be done but I imagine it will be a little earlier then normal, so probably by about 7:00 am or so. I think the whole idea is that since its still the weekend then we get paid more, but I'm not sure if that just applies for the 1 hour period of 11-12:00 Sunday night, or for the whole shift. Our steward was going to get an answer to this but I havent talked to him since.
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    Don't get your hopes up---you will be paid the same as if you were starting at midnight. They are starting you guys early to get the drivers on road early to get a jump start on the week.
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    If that is your scheduled start time then no you will not be on OT. If you are called in earlier then your scheduled start time then you would be on OT for the time you came in to your scheduled start time. Threw the Saturday is time and a half and Sunday double time out years ago. Now 6th day is OT and 7th day double time.
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    I must be misreading what you said here but you seem to have made 2 contradicting statements. Since we work 5 days (mon-fri), wouldnt Sunday be the 6th day? So it would be overtime according to what you said? Just clarify what you said please.
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    It's still considered Monday, not Sunday evening.

    A friend of mine works in another facility near me and his Preload is starting at 5:00PM tonight, because management felt it'd be easier on them than starting at 10:30PM. They had to obtain waivers from each employee to work at 5PM, but not 10:30PM,
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    Sunday is considered the first day of the week. 11:00 PM Sunday would still be a Monday start. Our preload is starting 3:30 Mon. and 4:00 the rest of the week. Half of our preload are Art. 22.3 that also work the midnight sort.
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    If you are a Mon-Fri employee your 6th day is Sat ( 1.5 x pay) and Sun is your 7th (2x pay). Whatever your first scheduled workday is, the 6th day is 1.5 and the 7th day is 2x.

    If your Mon-Fri and they have you coming in at 11pm Sun to start then you are starting on your 7th day and your entire time is 2x.

    Starting early on your regularly scheduled 1st day is different. If you are X - X day and say your start time is 5am. They have you come in early at 1am on your first scheduled day. You will be paid 1.5 x pay from 1am till 5am, switch to 1x pay until you work the number of hours total that you would begin OT at that rate you switch back to 1.5x pay.

    All hours count, for example:

    Standard day. Begin at 5am. Work till 2pm (8 hours plus 1 hour unpaid lunch). At 2pm you begin OT at 1.5x pay until you leave at 6pm for a total of 8 hours of 1x pay and 4 hours of 1.5x pay.

    Starting early on 1st scheduled day. Begin at 1am. Work 4 hours at 1.5x pay. At 5am pay changes to standard start time 1x pay. Work till 10am ( 8 hours plus 1 hour unpaid lunch) At 10am you change back to 1.5x pay as you have now worked the 8 hours needed to get to OT. At 2pm you will have worked 12 hours but it will now have been 4 hours at 1x pay and 8 hours at 1.5x pay.
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