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    Hi. I'm hoping to get a little detail on the duties and challenges of the preload supervisor position. I've been invited to a "walk through" next week and to take a 1 hour test. This also a part time position if that makes a difference. I have no experience with UPS and the job description doesn't provide much. I don't want to waste their time or mine or have a look of shock on my face during that walk through. :)

    Thanks and I hope to become a regular forum contributor soon!
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    I stumbled onto the "UPS Partners" forum (not exactly where I'd expect to find sup threads but hey) and have learned a bit about the apparently thankless and slave driving position.

    What about this 1 hour test? psychological, math, logistics or what?

    I'm former career military and will likely find this interesting. That could be good or bad. :) Thanks.
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    Beware, many of the regulars on this site appear to come here only to mock on someone or something.

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    good 3AM
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    The "test" is just a litmus test to see if you give consistent answers. I'm the most inconsistent fool on earth and passed/was successful and offered a PT sup job a decade ago, FWIW. Hope that helps. :)
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    Everyone is free to speak their mind.Everyone has their own opinions.
    Some of us have had bad experiences at ups. Part time sups are generally
    paid very little to do a next to impossible job.The walk through should be a heads up
    for you as they explain how you should oversee the preload and have it done by 09:00.
    I suggest you see if google is hiring instead.
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    Forewarned is forearmed !! Max is shakin' in his boots now !!
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    Run, run far away from the potential sup job. To give you an idea of the challenges of this would be the eqivalent of trying to run a race wearing high heels, a really tight skirt, with a very long broom handle shoved up a specific orifice of your body. But what do I know? Do what you want.
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    It's a great job, that's why UPS is hiring right off the street. UPS is the most generous company on earth, after all.
  10. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers's a great job! With great benef....oh wait, no. Well the pay is pretty goo....wait, no. Well, at least I'll be treated like a human bei.....oh wait, NO! Welcome to the dark side.
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