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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ffroes, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Hello,My name is Felipe and I'm new here. I started as a preloader last week and want to buy some gloves. I've searched online and found some package handler gloves but the reviews weren't so good. Can anyone suggest any good lasting gloves. Thanks
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    Why do you need gloves?
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    Hi ffroes and welcome! Gloves really help hang on to slippery cardboard. I use atlas gloves. They are a blue color and have an almost sticky, rubbery surface. I've seen them for sale in hardware stores, maybe you can find them in Menards or Home depot type store.
  5. faded jeans

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    No glove will last long on preload. Back in the day, I used inexpensive cotton gloves with rubberized dots or bumps on the palm side.
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    You are soooo predictable.
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    I have a pair of those that I also got at menards. They do hold up well completely forgot about them as I don't usually wear gloves.
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    I don't see a need for gloves. When you are sweating you should have no problem. You'll stick to everything. I tried using them, but they ended up being one more thing I had to keep track of.