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    So ill be at ups 2 years in August. Ive been busting my ass on the preload loading 4 trucks and i stack out every single day and usually one of the last to leave. My trucks are filled top to bottom, front to back ( not peak season). I hate every second of it but i like the benefits and the pay isnt to shaby for a 2nd job. I didnt go to college and have no idea what to do in life so ups seems like my only choice. Whats it going to take for me to become a package driver? I see alot of cover drivers who sometimes never even get to work. I cannot afford this.
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    If you are near a railroad terminal, you have much, much better odds of finding a FT job faster.
  4. Covemastah

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    maybe he could drive the train !!
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    However long it takes you to climb to the top of the seniority list. It took me about 22 months other people it takes 15 plus years
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    The reason you won't go driving anytime soon is because your trucks are loaded top to bottom, front to back and it isn't even peak season. Sorry man but it's going to be awhile.
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    You have to do your "tour of duty" in the hub. That's the only way. In the meantime, a**holes and elbows.
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    I loaded for 6yrs, was a cover driver for 5yrs & I had to transfer just to get F/T...Driving isn't for everybody, the money is good but don't plan anything Monday-Friday or you will hate UPS & your job...the seniority list will weed people out just hang in there...
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    Join the Air Force (because they recruit/accept only the most intelligent individuals), do your tour of duty and then move to the northern part of New York and get hired off the street.
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    It took me 11 months...
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    Been on preload for 7 years. Cover driver for 2 years. I drove some last summer only because we had some drivers out for being hurt. This summer we are down several routes and nobody is out hurt or sick. Looks like a long summer. Just wait... one day you will be a cover driver and get last pick of vacations. I have already had my 2 weeks (because that was what I had to pick from). My family leaves for the beach tomorrow without me. Guess I will go fishing after preload this week.
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    I was in the same boat as you, only the downside for me was I was only a few weeks shy of my 19th birthday when I started. I had to do 2 years part-time before I could even get my name on the list! It ended up that I was a part-timer for exactly 3 years. My 3rd anniversary with the company was also my very first day as a FT driver.
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    If you can, just work two jobs till you gain senority and bump a lot of other tcd's. That's what I did. I bumped other drovers that have been driving 3 and 4 more years than me. I'm 4th on the tcd's and have driving everyday since i started.
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    I would recommend, trying out for the "saturday air driver". See how you like it, you know get it a feel for the driving world! Best of luck!