Preloader on the belt and people around them

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    Question about preloader on the start of the belt do we need to push other people boxes down on the belt/roller? because this guy I been working with for 2 days been standing there waiting for me to push his :censored2: down when I have other boxes I need to grab off the belt? can I just let it sit there and let him come and get it? or just let it slide it down when more boxes come down the belt. I even help him stack his boxes so it wont build up or let boxes fall off the belt. I thought we supposed to have teamwork? some times I dont grab my boxes on time because I'm trying to get his boxes stack or take down his big ireg :censored2: off the belt because its taking up space and when he see my boxes passed by he just leave them at the end of the belt. why do I have to do :censored2: for him when he dont do :censored2: for me? Oh man I missed the guy I work with he got moved we always look out for each other but this guy which work longer than me just stand there. The question is should I just care about getting my packages like he do or still help him out?
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    No offense, but what exactly is your question? Your post is kinda confusing...
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    Your post would be far more effective without all of the :censored2: that you included but, as above, I had a hard time trying to figure out what you were trying to say. I think that you were complaining that your co-worker at the head of the belt was not pulling his weight and that you were doing your work and part (most?) of his as well. I think that you know what the right thing to do is and that you need to do that but, for future reference, try to be more clear in what you are trying to say and leave out the censored or other distracting buttons as they tend to take away from what you are trying to say.
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    Ditto, sups will come down on him. It's not your responsibility if he wants to tank his assignment let him, and let him deal with the consequences. Don't be a hero.
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    Doesn't the belt move?? Sounds like you are doing too much of his work and not enough of yours. If that was me and it looked like he was expecting me to do it for him, I wouldn't touch anything of his..Answer to your question, I would just worry about my pkgs.(Notice I didn't direct the work force but put myself in his position)
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    Put the promblem off your back and on your supervisors. They get paid alot of money to do thier jobs and make these type of choices. When this happens, tell the supervisor to stop l;oading for 5 minutes and help you out.