Preloader report card???

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  1. Does anybody else's center use preloader report card stating how many pieces youv loaded on that day, the hours your allowed vs the actual hours worked. Its like some equation or formula to show us how many pieces an hour we did.

    Its a new thing this week at our center i dont know if anyone else has these in place
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    It's always (at least, in the center where I am employed) been done, it may just be the first time you are seeing it. It's basically the preloader PPH (pieces per hour), and the hours allowed is
    taken from the plan that IE sends down, and is more than likely taken from your management teams DOP.

    edit: More to your original question, though, we use them here - they are taped to every truck, right next to the forecast that shows what stops to expect, how many pieces for each stop, etc.
  3. LongTimeComing

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    Yes, many places use this.

    No, it doesn't count as harassment.
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    When they can actually get the forecast even close to to what actually comes down, then I will care about the pre loaders report card. Maybe I will see flying pigs in the center too
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    You may have stopped a good
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    If the pcs per hour and MISLOADS are displayed in the centers publicly ( public shaming/ demeaning etc) I would suggest file grievances on art 37 and any others that apply. we've had them taken down via grievances.
  7. Haha i dont see them as harassment i actually think its a good thing providing it is done right and fair. Just seems like the report cards are more for our managment to provide to their bosses than us considered our buliding is upside down. Either way just gives me hard evidence of my performance incase i end up ever going to panel
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    "hours allowed" seems ridiculous. A person loading 850 pieces is not going to finish much earlier than a person loading 1200 pieces.

    The sheet we get shows PPH and number of misloads. Good information to know, imo.
  9. Bagels

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    No, it's not hard evidence -- as I've mentioned to you multiple times before, the union does not recognize production, so they're certainly not going to attempt access to these "report cards." They're a managerial tool only. Just to give you an idea... there's an area in our building (a 53' trailer) worth 14-16 hours each day on paper. The person loading it also has to load the adjacent area, which is another (53' trailer) 14-16 hours on paper. That's 28-32 hours worth of work on paper for one person... and if he doesn't clock out in less than 4 hours, the supervisor has a hissy fit.
  10. DS

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    I'm just speculating here,but it sounds like "hours allowed" is the number you must adhere to
    in order for IE to determine you had enough work or not enough.
    Us drivers are expected to run scratch,(which 99% don't) or be under allowed,which
    simply means you had a good day that day,and you look good on paper,or on a computer.
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    Just found out today that our preload hasn't had a PCM in a year. This is a problem. Right ?
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    fightingthegoodfight, my center just started handing these out to everybody this week also. It's weird, though, every time my supe hands me mine he makes a point of telling me that the numbers are :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed up and my pph is incorrect, but I still have to know the incorrect numbers in case someone comes around and asks me about my sheet/performance (I guess in the event of an audit?)...
  13. Idk man i know the uppers are looking at my center and told the SUPS to start doing is your center in shambels too cuz mine sure is
  14. jibbs

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    I've only been there since August, but from what I can tell we do pretty well everyday. I'm in a kind of bubble, though, because the belt I'm on is in the back of the building, turns into rollers and goes outside (sort of... it's like a temporary enclosure). Anyways, we've got 4 people back there with no supe ever designated with us, so, basically, as long as we don't misload we're pretty much left to it for 4 hours. When there are misloads, though, we'll have someone back there helping out the next day.

    From what I see, the center I work at is run just fine, but I definitely don't have an eye for UPS details yet so I couldn't say for sure if we're below or above average.
  15. How many belts do you have and how many trucks does your center have that "roller belt" sounds like our center
  16. ORLY!?!

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    They tried to get some of us to sign a PPH sheet, that we " Shall adhere to the PPH " I didnt sign. Thats a base of production, so are missloads. The only things I agree with are not getting missloads, and thats from me and me alone. It should be an honor code thing, eithics over all. Loading the right package into the right car is UPS bread and butter, this is were service is made and the money spent on the product makes its profit, enough said.
  17. Im in a super small center 1 belt 10-12 preloaders 20-25 trucks but was originaly in a MUCH larger center. First time iv seen these report cards in 5 years of me being here...i think is a good idea if done correctly never knew i was loading 12-1400 pieces a day with "allowed hours" at 6-8 when other guys are only planned for 4-5 i should break 6000 pieces this week which should dismiss my 2 misloads this week (apparently its 1 allowed for every 3000)
  18. ORLY!?!

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    It depends on who you talk to. Some say, 1 missload within 10,000 packages. And others say you should be pulling 1 missload each month. It changes all the time, it will never be the same each week. On top of all of this, they will try to add more responsibilities on to you with no futher compensation. Your job is to take the correct package into the correct car while being safe.

    Lately, they're placing air manifest to the back of each car, as were supposed to cross each one out when we get it. Btw, the car intake for that day is called a " forecast ", it doesnt mean 100% of whats going to happen.
  19. jibbs

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    Three belts + small sort (Red, Blue, Yellow, White) and I think around 72-80 trucks (I might be cutting the truck number short, I just haven't seen any trucks with a higher designation than 0072).
  20. ORLY!?!

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    PCM is a UPS thing, they pay you for the time. So no, they just dont read the lame print outs, if any, sent out to keep building. I'd skip it too, but you can be written up for not going to even one.