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    i am a preloader that has been on the job for about 7 months. i know i am not eligible for my 1 week of vacation until my 1 year anniversary date (end of sept). my question is am i eligible to take it right away? for instance is it 1 week that i can take between lets say oct 1 and oct 1 the following year? or do i have to wait until january to schedule when i want to take my vaca? also how is the amount i get paid while on vacation calculated? thanks for any help guys!
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    You should ask you supe. He/she might not know, but he/she will probably know who to ask. If that does not work, throw a box as far as you can when your supe is telling you that they do not know. That should get you a vacation. Might only be a day or 2, but it worked for me.
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    20 hours.
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    Here, our vacation year runs from May to May.

    So Oct 1st or whatever date, your one year anniversary, you will be able to pick a week from then until whenever the year resets. It may be January, or May, or something else. Ask the shop steward or PT sup, but you should be able to schedule the week and also get paid.
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    My pt. time sup doesn't care about thrown/tossed packages. He just doesn't want the preload or center manager to see it happen.
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    Sleeve, although vacation your selection runs from May to May, mine Jan. - Jan. any employees actual pick would be seniority date till seniority date following year, that's the way we have always picked. I have often selected a Vac that is not on current years schedule due to seniority date as have many others. Don't know about differing supplements but seems like the best case scenario for all concerned.
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