Preloaders being yelled at?

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    I keep reading here that some of you work in buildings where preloaders are constantly being yelled at.
    Can any of you provide specific examples?

    I don't see that happening in my building, so I'm wondering if some of you may be exaggerating.

    We do have a part time sup right now, who at the end of the sort will walk through and yell at us (as a collective) to "bulk it out". But, I don't consider that anything. There's always yelling going on someplace.

    If anyone was to yell at me directly, I'd ask them if they remembered to take their medication that morning, and maybe refer them to a local psychiatric facility.
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    Tough guy, aren't you. I bet that most of you big mouth thugs on the internet wouldn't even say half the stuff you would say on the internet in person. I smell fear all over you.
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    heard/saw one sup yelling at a preloader cause she went to drink water from fountain, i just hear "what the hell are you doing? get back to work." she says "drinking water".
    he just gave her a look and pointed at trucks. i couldnt stop laughing. another time same sup was yelling at another preloader for having a mess "come on you cant have it like this
    you have to work faster". from what i heard/saw same sup tried going to unload and yelled at unloaders to work faster well that didnt work unloaders told him to stfu and go back to preload.
    i was there another day he tried to get me to use a load stand i just said no and he left, another sup came and tried to get me to use a load stand i also told him no then he told me he was
    being pressured by the loud mouth sup, i told him i will keep it in my trailer but not gonna use it, i just see him go back to loud mouth and tell him, loud mouth sup throws hands in air
    and walks back to preload.
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    I heard a sup tell a loader he was "A F***ing piece of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:." Followed by "If you don't like the way I talk to you then grieve it d***."
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    Never seen/heard a sup yell at a loader, at least in my center. then again my center is where they put the best loaders in the facility.
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    Ive always said that PT at UPS is like a highschool. Everyone of the pt sups is usually no older then 25. They walk around with a walkie talkie and a collar shirt and think they have power. When I was pt I used to tell people the only reason I haven't quit is because this is the only place you can cuss out your sup and still have a job the next day. PT at UPS is a joke. Sups yell and make fun their employees and the pters do the same thing. So like I said it's just like Highschool.
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    Most part timers could give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:! Most make $10 an hour and get harassed all the time. Its a joke cuz it just makes them work slower. I hear a lot of them say go ahead I hope they fire me this job sucks for amount of work I have to do. I could be sleeping right now lol Most of them will be heading to walmart or mcdonalds soon, atleast they will get more hours and much easier work. UPS keeps attacking our health benefits there will be no reason to work at BIG BROWN.
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    On what grounds are you refusing to use a load stand?

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    Read it again. He isn't refusing to use the load stand on the "grounds", but rather the floor of the trailer. :P
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    I disagree. Most part-timers who have been there more than a year are there for the benefits and care if they lose the job.
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    true dat.
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    What does that make the PT sups and FT sups and managers?
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    Is that all you got?
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    well thats probably all im allowed to say here without getting banned. :sissyfight:
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    I will give you that one.
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    Yo Mama!
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    Ever hear of picking your battles? Refusing to follow the methods after being instructed to is an easy way to get disciplined/discharged.