Preloaders what kind of volume do you have?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by PreloadNub, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. PreloadNub

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    Fellow preloaders I was just wondering what kind of volume others may be loading daily.

    Yesterday I had an all time high of 2300+ packages in 5 trucks, which is a bit ridiculous as my hire date is OCT 2012 and am still fairly new. On a daily basis I have been averaging around 2000. I don't understand this company, they are constantly at peoples throats about missloads, but they give one of the newest guys on the sort a ton of volume. One of the people on my boxline had 2750 today in SIX trucks - I truly felt bad for the guy.

    Also I had help for literally 20 minutes while the unload was still going on and that was it

    No wonder my hub's turnaround rate for new hires is greater than 90 percent.

    I'm not necessarily stressing about peak season, but management could surely do better.
  2. tre305

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    I don't load but our volume has been steadily dropping ever since thanksgiving. That Thursday after we hit higher than last peaks "peak" day at around 37k. Today had to be the lightest Thursday I've ever seen around here. And for this to be the last Thursday before Christmas I was expecting us to be slammed. I guess looking at the board tomorrow to see the start time for Monday will be the tell tell sign.
  3. jibbs

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    I've had a steady 1200-1500 pieces spread through four trucks since peak started. We've been working longer, but the pace is so slow it leaves me with 5min of downtime every 15min or so. I'm not complaining, it's just weird.

    As long as I don't have to be at my center before midnight I'll be cool with whatever we're expected to get.
  4. midwest brown

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    Someone pulls my things off the belt onto my rollers. Have a temp with me, 6 trucks anywhere from 2-3000 packages in a little over 5 hrs work time. I'm miserable lol
  5. tre305

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    I haven't seen a midnight or earlier start time for us since maybe my second peak. Can't lie and say I was hoping to see it every time I walked in the building in the morning. Earliest so far has been 2am.
  6. jibbs

    jibbs Long Live the Chief

    My start time's been 00:15 all this week. I get a blessing tomorrow, though, don't have to be in until 1am. :happy-very:

    EASY1ONE New Member

    start time is usually 0030 monday then 0115 tue-fri.. i load between 1000-1200 between 3 trucks right off the belt... i also started in OCT.. my spot is 2nd from the starting of the belt and right next to sort.. i had 1 day of 10 misloads... but pretty much 0-1 all other days.. they have me on a residential route that is really busy... i often look down the belt and see people talking or just standing there which i dont quite get... but i usually just try to keep my head down and keep on truckin... one of my truck is a bulk truck which some days is nice but some not so nice lol...
  8. blue741

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    About 350 each in four trucks.