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    Pharmacies are offering incentives to lure business away from their competitors. With our prescription insurance this is really a good deal for UPSers.

    I signed up for CVS's extra care bucks loyalty card that offers 2% back on purchases and registered the card online. A couple months later they emailed me a $25 gift card coupon on new or transferred prescriptions. In the course of a couple months I transferred or filled 7 prescriptions and they gave me $175 in CVS gift cards! They also give extra care bucks for prescriptions, $1 for every 2 filled. I fill 3 per month and get $4.50 every 3 months to spend in the store. They also take competitors prescription coupons.

    Rite Aid right now is offering $25 gift card for a new or transferred prescription (limit 2).

    Kmart and Target have $10 gift card coupons for prescriptions in their Sunday newspaper ads every few months. Last time I went to the dentist I got a one time prescription for Tylenol 3 and had it filled at Target using the coupon in the ad and got a $10 gift card. Turned around and bought 2 bottles of Tide before I left the store.

    There are some restrictions on these but our insurance isn't one of them.

    HTH someone. I can explain it better if anyone has questions. I also have 2 coupons for the Rite Aid $25 gift cards. If anyone wants them and pm's me their address, I'll mail them to you.
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    Just a word of warning (yes I know not all retirement plans are the same). I was switched from a genaric drug- $7.00 co-pay -to a regular name brand -$9.00 co-pay- and was charged $24.00 co-pay because apparently that is a no no. There is a nationwide shortage of the genaric drug so it was unavailable was the reason for the switch but that is no excuse. I called the local and asked them about it but they said their hands were tied and I was stuck with the $24.00 fee. I'm not complaining as 24 bucks is still CHEAP for this stuff but everyone should be aware what could happen if you switch from a generic to a name brand drug.
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    I just recently payed $100 for 120 pills. Without insurance it would have been $400. This wasn't on UPS insurance.
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    In our plan any drugs that we get on a regular bases is supposedly cheaper by ( I think) 10% with a mail in RX. We were on Medco but recently switched to CVS mail in. You have to get three months worth at a time. Our co-pay is on a % basis.
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    FYI - In tomorrow's Target ad 3/8/09 there is a $10 gift card coupon for any new or transferred prescription. Exp. 3/23.
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    Not sure if anyone ventures into Kmart anymore but bless their dying soul, they are trying to revive themselves.

    You will find monthly ad booklets in the front of the stores and in the monthly ad is a $10 new or transferred prescription coupon. Exp 4/13

    While you're there check out double days and see if your Kmart is doubling coupons. Lots of freebies on double coupon days. :D
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    All of our K-Marts closed down. The one became a Sear's Essential (too high) and the other became a Lowe's....
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    Our K-Mart is still open, but is fading rapidly. They are in the process of clearing out their grocery dept. I have no idea what they will use that space for.
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    I didn't think there were any Kmarts left in Texas. They are supposed to be making all of them Super K's and expanding the grocery sections. They are going to need a lot of luck.

    Did you know that Kmart, Target and Walmart were all started in 1962. Wish I could find the article to post. What completely different strategies and business models they all had!
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    The building that the nearest K-mart was in turned into a pottery barn. :knockedout: