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    I’m a new cover driver and only recently got my 30 days in. One of the major questions I have asked, “If this contract goes through will I be grandfathered in to the current contract?” Basically I just want to know if I will get a pay cut from 30$ and forced to the new full time position. Or will I get the option of the current full timers contract. This subject has led to a lot of blank stares and I don’t knows. I’ve been trying to research and it’s troubling how little everyone as a whole knows actual facts about what’s happening with the contract. Even from stuarts it feels like all I get are rumors and more questions.
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    From this little guy?

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    Read the tentative master agreement and tentative supplemental/rider agreement. Write down all your questions, if there is something you don’t understand. If a steward or another F/T senior member with a good head on their shoulders can’t satisfactorily answer your questions, call your union hall and ask if you can go over your questions with a B/A or even meet in person with him or her. Attend your union meetings. Another option would be to post specific questions along with which supplement/rider that you are covered under. It sounds like you are early in your career at UPS. Ballots are coming soon. Vote!!!
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    You should be in the sweet spot. I was talking to a kid the other day with 2 years in, he said he was making about 20 bucks an hour now, He was giddy that in 5 years he would be up to 40. Kept asking the on car when the contract ballot was coming.
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    the new contract applies to everyone. if you are a full time seniority employee you will be red circled. if you are classified as part time good luck. they will use the cheapest driver. 22.4 will be the only way to go full time.
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    You get paid $6 dollars less doing the same job as a RCDP, and working weekends. You should be pay equally, in my opinion.

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    If you are still pt you will have to become a 22.4 driver which means you will have to work 13 hrs a day and Saturday and Sunday as well. Vote no
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    From what I see the contract states that all cove drivers will be paid 85% of top rate which at the end of the new contract will be $34.31 just like the last contract and will be red circled after 30 days. So if you take a 22.4 job your pay rate Will go to what ever a 22.4 is which is $34.79. But if you wait for a rpcd you’ll go through progression starting from your $34.31 to $40.36
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    You will probably never make it to rpcd if this contract passes.
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    This contract sucks!!!! Vote NO
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    Just so you know, it is RPCD, which stands for Regular Package Car Driver, not Regular Car Driver Package.
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    Let me make your life better. Ok
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    Thanks, appreciate that.