President Obama Speaks To Muslim World

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    I'm sure if you took a poll of public attitudes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, etc, you would find at least 80 percent of those surveyed have an unfavorable view of the United States. Critically, I'm sure the polls will find attitudes toward the United States are based more on American policy in the Middle East rather than on American values, freedoms or way of life.

    Lets address Muslim views of American culture. Although, I'm not a big fan of their male dominated culture, I'm willing to bet by polling Muslims anonymusly, that a substantial number of favorable attitudes would be expressed when asked about American education, science, music, movies, television, and the American people in general. Let's faced it, most Muslims want the United States to withdraw its bases and troops from all Islamic countries. Majorities in all Muslim countries also want the United States to stop favoring Israel in its relations with the Palestinians. In no Muslim country does a majority trust the United States to help in the creation of an independent Palestinian state.
    The uncomfortable truth is that changing Muslim attitudes toward the United States requires changing American policies .
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    Your points are valid but I see nothing that indicates a change of pace from Washington under President Obama and a democrat controlled Congress in regards to the points you made. In all fairness, we're only 10 days into this trifecta of new power but if leadership choices at the cabinet level signals anything, the faces for the most part are new but the ideas are the same old Wilsonian failures that got us in the mess we find ourselves. Honestly, how can anyone truly call this change? I just don't see it that way myself.

    Justin Raimondo hit another one today so I'll leave it with you for your consideration.
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    I have to preface this by saying I am no expert in Muslim opinion of Americans. I have lived in three middle eastern countries and have had the opportunity to interact with the locals in all three. From my observation the main problem they have with Americans is that we are not a Muslim Country. The most common questions were. Why do you not pray five times a day? Why do you not put your head on the ground when you pray? How can I live in America? How can I attend school in America? Is everyone in America wealthy? Trust me I know my experience is not any kind of scientific poll. I also think that the American myth of our presence in the middle east causes terrorism is very false based only on the fact that most but not everywhere you go you get mobbed by children.

    On a side not it was not very long ago that I was attacked on here for using the Presidents name in my posts. I was told that I was racist and that I was trying to infer some type of Muslim heritage. Now that the President used his name when he took his oath of office and talked about his Muslim heritage in this interview do I get an apology? How about it diesel, jones, missile boy, brown shark? If I included or left out anyone I apologize. Just kidding guys I know I'll get no love here.
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    Well in my case from me that's true. I'm not into the gay thing and the thought of doing GI Joe just gives me the creeps!

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    By emphasizing the name "Hussien", in my estimation, simply implies Obama "pals around" with terrorists as Sarah so well eloquently put it...Just word association.....My apologies for any mixed signals of racial implications....:flowers:...Feel
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    I don't think any of us are experts on muslims and I'm not surprised at all by your experience. The reason is up until the latter 20th century, the US was greatly thought of by the people of the Middle East because to them we were a beacon of light. Not because of our society, culture, etc. but by the sheer fact that we once were dominated by the European colonial powers and yet we fought them off and won our independence from them. Whether Sunni or Shia. I still think that hope they see in us will return again and at some point they can achieve what we did 200 plus years ago and escape domination, first by the Ottomans, then the European powers and now via us literally acting as a European proxy. I believe they still think somewhere inside the average American, that freedom and independence still lives on. God I hope and pray they are right. Opps, I forgot, Chev thinks I'm atheist so I have ot play the part. Sorry God!

    What mucks up the gears is when some elected official opens his big mouth and plays footsie with the Israelis and the Israeli Lobby in AIPAC. A perfect example of this is big mouth Joe Biden who in 2007' claimed to the Israeli press that "he's a Zionist!",7340,L-3586542,00.html If you were on the muslim street, what would you be thinking of big mouth Joe right about now? How would you feel about any muslim country who has some member of their parliament declare that they were in spirit Al Qaeda and then later become elected to that country's next highest office? Your indignation would be most justified and IMO from the muslim streets POV, there is no difference.

    When a politician declares he'll raise taxes, do you just fluff it off as just campaign talk or do you believe him and vote against him? Why should the muslim be any different in his interests just as I'm sure jewish voters would speak out if some member of the KKK or other anti-semitic group ran for office and then got elected. We Americans of all people know how our elected officials lie to us and you don't think the muslims see this as well and see through it all when our political leaders talk to them? I'm not even jewish or muslim and I don't trust them either!

    This all goes back to the many warning of past leaders in the country who warned of always maintaining a neutrality when it came to foreign affairs. There's no denying the effectiveness of the American Jewish Lobby in our political world today and no one gets elected in this country without genuflecting to this powerful force the moment you declare yourself one of them, then you are one of them from the muslim POV.

    Both jew and palestenian have a right to self determination and the same freedoms and liberties as any one of us. The expressions of freedom in the Declaration of Independence was just not for us in a geographic locale known as North American but was a broader ideal for all peoples across the entire globe. We fought to engrave those beliefs in the annals of history but the ink was not long dry before we started departing from their wisdom as a nation. Just because we were stupid and ignorant to walk away from them doesn't mean we have to compound the sin and help violate "these truths" across the globe.

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    Thanks for clearing that up. I thought the guy in your avatar was checking me out one day last week and then I could swear he gave me a wink.:happy2:
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    What's not to like about this guy?????

    This is the same President who refused to cover his heart with his hand during the playing of the National Anthem.

    Who failed to meet with our troops when he got off the plane in Baghdad.

    Who failed to salute the American flag while it passed to him during the inaugural parade.

    Who gave recognition and homage to Muslims (less than 1% of the US population and many sworn enemies of our nation) during his inaugural speech.

    As far as the 10 inaugrational balls, Obama snubbed his nation's heros when he skipped the Ball Honoring Medal of Honor Recipients -- the very people whom he sought to support him during his candidacy, and who fought to protect this country. They were snubbed, for the first time in 56 years, for a President who chose to rub shoulders with celebrities instead.

    How must they have felt?

    48 of the nation's 99 living recipients of the Medal of Honor Ball, the most popular ball since Eisenhower, sat waiting for their new leader. Who never showed. What a blow to the gut.

    Rather than the boring chore of honoring the country's highest military awards, First Dude and First Lady chose to be wowed by Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Mary. J. Blige, Faith Hill, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine,, Sting, Mariah Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio, (???..)Kanye West, Kid Rock, Marc Anthony and Cheryl Crow.

    How impressive.
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    Leonerdo.....token white?
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    Keep the hate going.....Commander in Chief's ball not mentioned, Why Not? Still questioning our presidents patriotism I see...

    Here's how they felt:
    The American Legion, as it has on every inauguration evening since 1953, hosted the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Banquet & Ball on January 20th. The quadrennial event is co-sponsored with fourteen veterans service and military service organizations and honors recipients of the Medal of Honor. Forty-seven of these heroes attended this year's event which was held in the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel.

    President Obama was invited but did not attend. Vice-President Joe Biden did appear, however, and was very warmly received. The new President's absence was understandable considering the unprecedented logistical challenges presented by the vastly increased number of visitors to this inauguration and the necessary attendant security measures. The American Legion, as an organization, does not feel offended or "snubbed."

    Thank you,

    Craig Roberts

    Media Relations Manager

    The American Legion

    1608 K Street, NW

    Washington, DC 20006

    202.263.2982 (direct)
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    And now that mini-hitler in iran is demanding the O bow down to him.
    Because O wants to TALK, which show that he is weak & iran knows it.
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    It also shows how naive he is as well to think that anything that :censored2: has to say would be honored.

    Hey careful what you say about diesel's messiah, the great and powerful "O" . He is a bit sensitive.:brokenheart:

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    Indeed, sensitive in the practise of feeling sorry for "Ditto Head" followers :hypnosis: and Coultor worshippers:bow:....So sad.
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    Is Pelosi one of your heros too? Maybe Harry Reid who thinks taxes are voluntary. What is so sad is the fact that you would follow your "heroes" unquestionably like sheep to the slaughter. We call people like you "sheeople".
    Sorry, I don't worship Coultor or the other talk show hosts you so frequently talk about, and secretly dream about. I make my own decisions and opinions. I don't agree with everything Bush did during his Presidency, and I will not agree with most of what the great and not so powerful "o" does either. I will especially not agree with the over bloated dem. congress when they try to push BS through in the name of an emergency economic stimulus.
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    Chev, As you know, we're entitled to our own opinions. And once we really know -

    Where O. was born...

    How future taxpayers will benefit from this trillion dollar spending spree
    and how it will be spent. And where is it coming from? Is it not all borrowed?

    The clause, in writing, with the guarantee that it will be used on useful things like highways and bridges.

    Where O.'s idea will take us in that the government will spend this
    money much more intelligently than you or I would with tax cuts...

    How our government, soon to be pumped full of steroids, which is all
    this is gonna be, just an enormous expansion of Uncle Sam at every level, will restructure anything?

    O.'s explanation for taking $ from the private sector and giving
    it to the government instead, which melts down a free enterprise economy.

    Then we'll check up on Diesel, check his temperature, adjust his IV
    and change the flavor of his Kool Aid. I'm sure by then he'll be dizzy from all that spinning.
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    Remember this........during campaign any mention of Islam connection to the mighty O was not allowed, if one attempted it they were called racist. Also his past life was another no-no.
    This first interview the mighty O proudly declares his muslim roots and his foreign life. Also his reply to Congress " I won ", not his party, not his ideals just him.
    IMHO he is a conman, an empty suit. Why else did he promise "new faces" for his staff yet use only Clinton's old staff. Not a good idea, too much old baggage.
    Is anyone keeping a scorecard on the number of scandals so far?
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    Scorecard ?? I'm taking good notes for the future so I too can avoid paying taxes and not go to prison. So many "good examples" for me to pattern my life after.

    What a cesspool D.C. is !!:sad-little:
  19. Baba gounj

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    Those excuses to the IRS only work for lib dems, sorry.
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    I hate to break this news to all of you, but EVERYONE cheats on their taxes in the United States.

    Every person who has a tax preparer, places untraceable deductions in returns that are never checked.

    Who are you all kidding??

    Again, right wing soap box whinning.

    Tom D. had his taxes prepared by a professional, that professionals opinion believed that some income was NOT to be claimed.

    In the vetting process, after being reviewed by committee, the oversight was detected, and TOM D. wrote a check to cover the amended returns.

    Where did he fail to pay any taxes?

    He made the goverment whole in 2 checks when asked for it, just like any other american has to do when asked.

    The right wing kooks on the radio keep mis-stating the facts on this issue and those of you suseptable to the non-sense spend your time repeating it.

    This happens to millions of people in this country every year, both democrat and republican.

    Why you folks keep making this a democratic issue I dont know, but maybe you all need a life.

    Tax cheats have been around since the creation of taxes and lawyers.

    Get over it.:sheepish: