President of 1.3 million member Untied Food and Commerical Workers and Obamacare

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    The president of the 1.3 million Member United Food and Commerical Workers Internatin Union Joseph Hansen (Big supporter of ObamaCare and may be changing his mind) is complaining ObamaCare will undermine current UFCW Health Insurance and asked Obama to provide a fix to protect employer plans.

    But guess what people under the current law Obamacare, it would block these plans from the unstoppable incentives for companies to reduce weekly hours for the workers currently in the unions plans or may push them into the exchanges.

    It could force the union members to change thier coverage or the doctor they see. While others may be pushed into the Medicaid. Hanseen states his members don't want handouts and want to keep thier coverage they have.

    This is how I see it:I did not hear the great Obama say if you like your Health Plan you can keep it, but most memebers at the time believed the Great I don't know a thing or I did did not find out about it until I saw it on the news says Obama and Cheat.

    Just keep in mind as well ObamaCare will allow:
    1. Companies to drop coverage (which guess what UPS is doing):wink2:

    2. ObamaCare will make companies give Health Care to people who work over 29 hours a week. (Guess what this allows a companies to fix that as well by hiring only part workers) I could keep going on and on but I think is high time people feel the pain order to listen and see what is coming our way.
    This man has give us a very powerful law that is over reaching and hits your private rights of choice. I will say this the IRS will be enforceing the Obamacare law and right now they have shown how over the top they have and will continuw to be, Obamacare will give them more power.

    This above statement is from reading what Joseph Hansen has to say about Obamacare. The last part is my view and only mine.
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    Another thread full of misnomers.

    UPS isn't dropping health care; it's obligated to pay 100% of the cost to the Teamsters.

    Using the same logic, UPS has "dropped" your pensions.
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    God another Obama blinder. You give me the facts and please explain to me how they did not drop our current plan and how they can change it at will at any time. FACTs please. Please explain how i'm wrong I'm on the obama care if you want I will be more then happy to give the page numbers and sections in Obamacare that shows you the law. But that is right Nancy P*** Me will help think for you. Have fun with that one.
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    This is a common misconception. UPS is obligated to pay a negotiated hourly rate per employee to the union for their H&W fund. It is then up to the union to secure healthcare for their members at or below that amount. If they are unable to, the union, through its members, must make up the difference, not the company.
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    Q: Will my Teamster health benefits be taxed?

    A: The short answer is No. But there’s been so much talk about the tax on “Cadillac” health plans, that it is worth going into the details.

    First of all, the law will never tax an individual’s health benefits. The tax, which takes affect in 2018, applies to the Health Plan, not the individual.

    Second, no Teamster benefit comes close to the threshold of a High-Value health (or “Cadillac”) plan which is coverage that costs $27,500 a year.

    The top Teamster health plans under national contracts like UPS, freight and carhaul cost around $15,000 a year—including dental and vision. The minimum threshold for the High Value tax is a benefit that costs $27,500 a year—not counting dental and vision coverage! (Now, that’s a Cadillac!)

    The tax threshold will top $30,000 by 2020.

    Teamster members are right to be on the alert for attacks on our benefits—especially if healthcare costs continue to rise. But the so-called “Cadillac” tax is not going to affect any Teamster plan for the foreseeable future.