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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Who do you think UPS (or the Teamsters) will endorse for the 2008 Presidential Race?
  2. moreluck

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    In the past, labor has usually endorsed Democrats. However, the choices between the front-runners are very different from the past elections. It'll be a surprise to me who they will pick.
  3. ups before dawn

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    This is probably the main reason why the teamsters split from the AFL-CIO... the teamsters wanted to be able to back candidates from any party, while the AFL-CIO would blindly back any democrat that came there way. (Anyone remember "Teamsters for Gebhart"?)
  4. BCFan

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    Only Real choice will have to be John Edwards , he is very pro labor!!!! BC ....(not Bad Choice!!!)
  5. HazMatMan

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    What about Obama??
  6. tieguy

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    mush mouth edwards does not sell well to the general public.

    Obama bin laden who has never stood for anything . Wonder if he is really an AL Khadi plot to take over the us.

    Hillary o what a biatch but look at how my mommy likes me Clinton.

    Mike the republicans like me more huckabee.

    None of the above would win hands down with this group.
  7. toeknee2gx

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    in before the lock.... :)
  8. govols019

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    You really are a child, aren't you?
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    Too damn funny! I looked for the emoticon of the guy eating popcorn when I saw this thread earlier. I am still wondering how long the thread will go till name calling starts and the thread is locked.
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    Looks pretty accurate to me! What's not grown up about it??:happy-very:

    In addition to that Ron Paul thinks we had 911 coming because he'd be willing to just let terrorism proliferate the entire globe..

    Just an observation hope it's not too childish for you to comprehend!
  11. tieguy

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    not sure why you responded this way?
  12. BCFan

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    Ok Tie try on Cynthia McKinney for size (Green Party) I think we can both agree as to her chances LOL :funny: BC (not Baked Chicken)
  13. over9five

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    I think the world will be OK if either Mitt Romney or John McCain is elected. No one else is worth the paper their name is on. (BC not BS Candidates)
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    This is probably considered to be a personal attack. Tieguy is expressing a personal opinion about the current choices for President coming up in the next Election. He did not insult you.

    There are about twelve members who need to read the Terms of Service and understand what they mean. Once again, discussions and debates are fine, personal attacks are not. I think that a small number in our community need to make a New Years Resolution and try harder to get along a little better with other Members. Our Administrator and other Members are asking for the Moderators take stronger actions against personal attacks. We have added two new Mods to help, so I hope that some of you will take this "friendly hint" and clean up your act a little.
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    "We have added two new Mods..."

    Damn, Tie, how long we been here an' we're still blacklisted???? They never forgive an' forget!
  16. I'd back McCain even if he switches sides more often that the best switch hitter in baseball. Mitt however will never get my vote (yes over I realize he was our governor, I didn't vote for him then either haha).

    IOWA UPSER Guest

    Joe Biden is the best person in my opinion to lead our nation. I sure hope enough people get behind him in our state on Jan. 3rd. I made up my mind a few weeks ago when he said until we get our foreign problems fixed we will not be able to do all the things we would like to to here in the USA. That is the truth; this war is costing $500,000 per minute. He has a plan that 75 senators have already signed to end this war. We have alot of good people running, but in my opinion he will the best choice for the good of the whole world!!
  18. KTB

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    I don't know about the "any party" party part of that. Considering the current environment, any union with half a brain cell wouldn't back a Republican. It's hard to get behind someone who's basic philosophy is that you shouldn't exist. I think the major sticking point was that the AFL-CIO would back any Democrat regardless of their labor record. The AFL-CIO was spending a lot of time and money on candidates that were undermining labor. That was foolish, and I'm glad the Teamsters joined "Change to Win". The basic idea is a strong one; If you don't support us, we won't support you.
  19. tieguy

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    now now over you can't be a sheriff when you're packing a cannon. :happy-very:
  20. tieguy

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    LOL, not ready to jump off the deep end yet. While I am a conservative i presently do not see any candidate that I like. I think they all have flaws which was kind of the gist of my post.

    Hillary may actually be one of the most qualified people for the job. Hillary spent 8 years as the first lady and has a former president at her side at all times. She has already lived the job. But we just plain don't like her. While I can't stand hillary I don't think she would hurt this country especially if she had a republican house or senate to keep her in check.

    bama ? Give me a break. I think I might feel better if he actually stood for something. No not where he says he was for this or that but where he really stood for something. Let me see some video where he actually threw a good old fashioned hissy fit over something. This guy does not act like someone ready to lead anyone anywhere.

    Edwards ? you southern boys like him. I don't think he sells very well anywhere else. comes across as insincere and downright mean. probably a great labor guy. Talks the talk about the rich get richer while he lives in that palatial estate of his. Did I hear right ? 22000 square feet in that monster? why does anyone need a house that big?


    Guliani - a republican with liberal views. sold well on 9/11 but not much since then.

    rominey - trying to capture the ron reagan of the east kind of look, charm and policy. really just another rich carpetbagger from the north east. You southern boys won't like him as much.

    huckabee - I don't have a good feel for this guy. Looks uptight and insincere. Might be the most conservative candidate which scores points in the red states.

    ron paul- interesting guy. made an interesting argument about the arrival of soft nacism in america yesterday. Not sure about him yet. Internet fund raising favorite? This guy could be a someone who dismantles the engine and improves its performance or someone who dismantles the engine and leaves parts laying everywhere. probably the strongest candidate when it comes to sincerity. He will sincerely change much of the world as we know it if he is elected. Not sure If I feel the world needs that much changing yet.

    But its shaping up to be an interesting presidential race here on the island of misfit toys...:happy-very: