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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tieguy, Oct 28, 2008.

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    "Obama’s numbers are similar to what we saw for John Kerry four years ago as he began rising in the polls, and McCain’s numbers are almost identical to what we saw eight years ago for Democrat Al Gore."
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    consider the press doing McCain a favor by not putting him in the news as much...sort of like keeping grandpa off the phone!

    LOL LOL LOL LOL:happy-very:
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    feel free to post. I would contend the press has always had a cozy relationship with the democratic candidate.
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    I'm not sure what time zone or dimension you're in but I believe you completely missed the information that was posted showing the press coverage of McCain has been biased and negative against him.

    Try to keep up if you can.
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    I wonder if the negative coverage has anything to do with the fact that he is behind, and he is running a negative campaign? For example, when talking about polls, the stories were positive for Obama, after all he is leading in the polls, and dealing with the financial crisis favored Obama as well.

    That seems to be the conclusion reached in the article.

    If McCain had been leading and steadier in dealing with real issues, instead of launching spurious attacks, he would have had more positive stories, simple as that.
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    If Obama had applied for a federal job through the normal process of interviews and background checks his association with Ayers would have denied him the federal job. Yet for some reason we are supposed to ignore this when he is running for president the highest federal job in the country.
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    Tie, Really?

    Every educator and politicain in the Chicago area has had associations with Ayres. Has Ayres ever been convicted of a crime? Has G. Gordon Liddy? Charles Keating?

    You are beginning to flail a bit. Darn that reality.
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    I don't believe I was commenting on the corrupt systems of chicago. try to keep up.
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    Dodging the questions asked?

    How typical.
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    pretty straight answer the corruption in chicago does not justify his passing a federal background check.

    Looks like my point passed you by.:happy-very:
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    The article you posted pointed out that Al Gore had the same amount of negative reporting about him while in the process of losing an election. Seems to me, while maybe not fair it is balanced.

    Be glad they talk about McCain at all. The national media doesn't even admit my guy exists.
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    Bob the Barr?
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    Seriously, has TOS posted on any other part of this site other than current events? Not saying that he/she has to, but I could swear this was a forum for UPS and the other package delivery companies out there for leisure.
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    Who told you i wasnt a ups'er?

    and what is it to you?

    Sorry your little playground has other people on it from time to time, I realize some of you folks like to roll around in the mud together.

    I choose to spend my time educating myself on the realities of life, not repeating right wing talk shows garbage and take ownership of it.:bigsmile2:
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    yea she was banned here once. She's found a way to mask her IP for the moment.
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    Tieguy, time for you to get back into the "mystery machine" with shaggy, scooby and the rest and move on to another mystery.

    I have no idea what your talking about.
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    What's your point? As far as I know Liddy nor Keating have killed anyone in domestic terrorist attacks.
    Ayers may not have been convicted but has publicly admitted that he was responsible for bombings and after expressing that he was not sorry for that, then went on to say he was only sorry he didn't do enough. Yeah boy that's the kind of guy I want my President hangin out with. I'm not too sure financially ruining someone equates with blowing them up.
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    :dead: nuff said
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    Where did AYERS kill anyone in a domestic bombing or attack? The only people killed by a bomb were underground members who were constructing a bomb in an apartment.

    You said AYERS may not have been convicted? Where was he charged with a crime? When did he face a jury? When did he ever face a jury of his peers in a courtroom where he was charged with anything?

    His wife was not charged with any acts of terrorism or crimes. She spent less than a year in jail for not testifying against other underground members.

    When AYERS said he didnt do enough, what was he talking about?

    Was it merely placing more bombs and blowing stuff up??

    Or was it the reality of anti-us involvement in southeast asia?

    You see, the underground was against US policy in vietnam and the use of the poorest people in the country to do the grunt work on the front lines.

    They hated the goverment at the time for its policies that kept the poorest of the poor going to vietnam to be killed for a cause "they" believed to be not worthy of human loss.

    They hated the goverment for protecting its well to do's children and never sending them to vietnam. They leaned towards hating the elite, the rich, the priviledged.

    They too were children of priviledge. Rich white kids from wealthy families. How do you think they ALL went to fancy colleges?

    Its amazing how people hear "extractions" of facts and run with distorted opinions about them because "famous" right wing propagandist like Sean Hannity talk about it everyday without really talking about it.

    Hannity touches the surface of the AYERS issues without getting too deep, its the implications that he is trying to communicate to his viewers, its the viewers who will make the final leap to assumption.

    If you know of any case where AYERS was charged with terrorism or bombings, tried and found not guilty, let me know and Ill apologize to you.