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    The current management theme seems to be an ostrich-like "pretend that it's all OK" and that absolutely nothing is happening out of the ordinary. At my station, we're in meltdown mode, and it's coming apart faster than they can cobble it back together. Service is down, the PTers' are saying "no", and lots of people are calling-in sick. As they collapse routes and pressure everyone to work harder, attitudes and morale sink farther down the toilet. It's fascinating to watch, and amazingly, the ops managers understand why and are correctly blaming Memphis for the problems. They "get it" that employees are rightfully :censored2:, and that the time for major change is long overdue. Only the senior is holding-on to the company line, and he is in serious trouble.

    Mine can't be the only station like this, and I suspect there are many others popping-up on the MEM radar. When the ops managers are ready to revolt too, the time is ripe for some big-time trouble. Pop a beer, grab some popcorn, and watch the action unfold. I am going to enjoy it! Screw you Smith, because you've earned every single moment of the drama that is about to unfold.
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    fed ex.the walmart of the transportation business.
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    I didn't know Fedex was in the transportation businiess.

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    Sure they are look at all the politicians they transport around in the sky figuring out how to keep you guys under the RLA..
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    Obama is supporting the mosque at ground zero.

    This could be the nail in the coffin for him.
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    And as the leader of the Democratic party a few months before midterms, he is putting a lot of nails into a lot of coffins.
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    The mosque is 2 blocks away, and it's leader has worked with Bush before on improving Middle East/ West relations. The 9-11 perpetrators were Muslim fanatics, not all that different from our own brand of Christian fanatics in this country. Religions aren't dangerous, but some of the people who practice them certainly are. I'm not that familiar with NYC, but it's been reported that there are a number of churches in the vicinity of Ground Zero. Would you be offended if the Scientologists raised a shrine to Xedu or Xenu or whatever the hell it is they believe in 2 blocks away? As Gandhi said, "I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christians". He was right.
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    Scientologists didnt fly planes into the World Trade Center ********.
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    No, they didn't. But radical crazy Christians have planted bombs at the Olympics (Eric Rudolph), killed abortion doctors, and perpetuated plenty of violence too. Ever listen to crazy person Pat Robertson? How about the preacher who attends the services of fallen servicemen and women so he can advance his "God Hates Fags" agenda? I believe that is the Reverend Phelps. Please tell me how any of these crackpots are better than radical Muslims? If they could fly a plane into an abortion clinic they probably would.

    Oh, and if I'm a moron, you are really in trouble pal, because I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you are.
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    Is America a Muslim Country? No **********. Its the same if radical Christians bombed Mecca and then wanted to open a church there.

    You dont get it *****************.
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    You dont think that it is at all insensitive to the victims and their families of 9/11?

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    Is America a Christian country? No, because we are supposed to be free to practice any religion we choose. If I want to worship a mountain, that should be OK. Your analogy is stupid, **********. Nobody is building a mosque where the towers fell. That is hallowed ground. Get your facts straight instead of what you hear from FOX News.
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    Being ignorant of the facts is insensitive to 9-11 victims. They probably shouldn't build anything there for awhile anyhow because they are still finding human remains. I've got several Muslim friends who cannot stand radical Islam, just like I have Christian friends who abhor radical fundamentalist Christianity. Jesus would be horrified at some of the people who abuse His name.
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    I'm not going to get kicked-off of here over you. By the way, I have 2 college degrees, one of which is advanced.
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    No, it isn't, although Christians are a majority. We are supposed to have freedom of religion in this country. To say that the US is a Christian country is assuming that all of the other religions just don't matter. That isn't what freedom is all about, unless you have stilted view of a monotheistic society that only tolerates one religion. That sounds like Iran, not the US. Take me on, and I'll intellectually dissect you like a biology class frog.
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    the wise man does not judge others even though he kicks ass in smartness unless he is in grade 4
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    Thank you.
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    The wise man does not judge those who can't put two words together without one of them being a curse word.
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    The wise man doesn't walk around thinking he's wise.