Previous egress example: Someone needs to change or be fired!

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    To All,

    Recently I posted a discussion that I had with an unloader. This unloader was baltently violating egress regulations.

    I have done nothing about this issue except report the conversation that I had here.

    I have decided that I would like to make a proposal for discussion on this forum.

    I am concerned for the safety culture at UPS and I think firm discipline, the kind that leads to corrective behavior, is in order.

    It is my opinion that without the implementation of widespread practice of firm discipline for unsafe acts, all unsafe acts, the safety culture at UPS will remain unchanged.

    The current widespread practice of discipling employees because they get injured is wrong and should stop.

    The current practice of threatening discipline for the failure to answer questions is wrong and should stop.

    Firmly disciplining employees for unsafe acts, acts contrary to UPS safety training, should start with reckless abandon.

    I suggest that the unload employee in the example and all UPS employees who blatently violate egress regulations should be handled in the following manner:

    1st observed offense: Informal talk, demonstration by supervision, clarify understanding of the regulations, confirm understanding by demonstrating compliance.
    2nd observed offense(even if it is immediately following the above):Formal talk same as above with shop steward and employee safety representative present.
    3rd observed offense(even if it is immediately following the above): Verbal warning of possible suspension for non compliance with shop steward.
    4th observed offense(even if it is immediately following the above): Written notice of suspension for non compliance with shop steward.
    5th observed offense(even if it is immediately following the above): Written discharge letter for non compliance ( Your fired as Donald Trump would say)

    I am using egress as the example but the same should apply for all unsafe acts.

    The above is for hourly employees.

    The following is for management employees of any level.

    If it is found that any management person directs any employee(management or non management) to violate of any safe work method or any UPS safety training then this management person should be fired and asked to leave the premises immediately.

    This is a violation on so many levels that these types of management employees have to go.

    I believe the above would radically change the safety culture at UPS.

    What do you think?

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    I see you still havn't done anything about it besides beat it to death about "what I think should happen" instead of actually doing anything about it. Bravo

    Talk is cheap, put up or shut up, quit doing nothing and give us a story of you doing something about it. Perhaps then we can discuss it further besides watching you cheerlead.

    Between the time you posted and this thread someone could have been seriously hurt but you find acceptable to do nothing. You come on here talking about discipline, yet there are already measures in place to correct the behaviors. In order for these behaviors to be corrected you have to make people aware. You've chosen not to and are accepting the unsafe work enviroment, hypocritical to say the least. Integrity indeed.....
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    Oh yes, before you post "Go to my blog, it has the answers you seek", here's one posted by you. Perhaps you should take your own advice and spend less time giving it out, perhaps you'll acually effect something.

    When individuals talk, gripe or complain about someone I have many times heard some wise people respond to the griper, "Keep the focus on yourself".

    I say these people are wise because I think this is a wise statement.

    This does not mean to be more selfish or self-centered, because most people who talk, gripe or complain about others are extremely self-centered.

    In fact this self-centeredness is the root cause of many problems in life.

    What it truly means is to the troubled person is for them to focus on their contribution to the gripes, complaints, judgements of and about others.

    While working for UPS before judging others, complaining or griping put the focus on your self.

    What are you and how may your self-centeredness be contributing to the very things that you judge, complain or gripe about in others?

    Be well.

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    I'm concerned about you.

    You seem to be yet another who is fixated on my character and posting style.

    I know you won't be the last but you are in no way the first.


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    I know for a fact, management will not Discipline their own. I have seen it in my center, supervisors cursing, Disrespecting us drivers, we have had sit downs. The next step is Atlanta, drivers in my center has had enough. This new UPS makes no Sense. Everything is a discipline, How about The old UPS with customer service and better friendship between management and drivers.
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    Aww, that's sweet
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    Can't we all just get along. This place can make you so mad that you become overcome with spite and anger and after it all we are just human beings with people that love us. I'm so glad I have people who love me. Don't loose yourself


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    I didn't know you cared so much, you want to discuss things, yet you don't when I bring up your own words. Are you upset at me that I want to discuss things that involve questioning your integrity, yet you don't refute them? I refer your concern to your own words,

    What it truly means is to the troubled person is for them to focus on their contribution to the gripes, complaints, judgements of and about others.

    Read more:

    You claim to come here to discuss, yet you never want to discuss your own actions? Why so much concern over me? I never claimed to be the first to call your integrity into question, and by your actions, certainly won't be the last. I don't cower in the face of adversity, I call upon it and welcome it, born out of it are true solutions to problems, not your make believe world you pretend to champion, but simply are just another do-nothing employee.
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    I'm not in the least upset, I enjoy taking off the "mask" of this Internet Hero, unfortunately what's underneath is a hollow shell, lacking any depth or flesh to bring to the table. I'm simply offering him a chane to discuss what he himself starts threads about, and yet my questions never seem to be answered. How can one have a conversation when the other side isn't forthcoming about their actions in solving these issues?
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    yet the mods/admins have no problem with a constant troll poster...hmmmm
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    Integrity is annoying; however, he has never come close to crossing any lines.

    If being annoying were a violation of the TOS Cheryl and Tony would have this place all to themselves.
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    I have seen more management employees permanently walked off the property in my years than hourly employees.

    Usually for Integrity failures on their part.


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    When will you realize ups really doesn't care about safety, until something goes wrong. As long as you have the 5 and 10, 8 keys, 5 keys, they don't care. They want us to know all this jibberish so if and when we get hurt or injured, they can blame us cause we should have known better.

    Just like the wording of accident to crash. You didn't have an accident, you choose to crash.

    Also in central states no employee shall be suspended or suffer loss of pay before a local hearing with the union.
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    Thank You for your appreciation and attention to my posts.

    If you haven't noticed I choose not to share very much of what I do or don't do during my employment at UPS.

    That is my right and I choose to exercise this right.

    I believe it is so much more important when talking about issues to focus on the principles within the topic and not the personalities involved.

    Principles above personalities.

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    keep your identity to yourself integrity and keep going with your mission.
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    Integrity, if you saw an hourly being forced to work unsafely by his supervisor, why didn't you report this violation to the appropriate safety/management representatives?


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    I have posted my responses above.

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    I am not a newcomer to this community.

    I think a live and let live attitide is the best for an online community.

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    I have posted my responsed above.