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    Do any of you have your own supplemental disability policy? I want to get something that will cover me if I get hurt or disabled away from work. Couple of drivers here have been hurt or become ill away from from work and got around 600 week from their UPS short term disability. I take home about twice that. Never could live on that. If you do who is your policy with and how much does it cost?
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    our std is 300 pw, good luck with that been there done it.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have supplemental health, sickness and disability policies through Combined. I am covered 24/7 for $100/month. STD/LTD and/or comp does not pay the bills---Combined pays in addition to any STD/LTD or comp payments.
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    Just use "The Methods" and you won't need it. lol
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    Where I'm at if you are hurt off the job and you ask for light duty and are denied you are eligible for unemployment in addition to your union disability payment.
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    Did not know that
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    Do you pick how much you need per month or is the amount just taken as an average from your last paychecks before you your disability?
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    Or drag your ass to work and get hurt after the First delivery... :wink2:
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    Payments from supplemental insurance are set by the insurer and are not based on your paychecks.

    I had bi-lateral ulnar nerve release surgery on both elbows a few years ago. I was off for two weeks and had light duty for two more. I received a check for $880 from comp and for $1000 from Combined. The benefit schedule and premiums increase 5% each year.
  10. Jones

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    Northwestern Mutual will pay me approx 900.00 per week for up to 5 years. 195.00 per month. Premium is based on your age and occupation, you can get a lower premium if you start younger than I did. You can also get a lower premium if you opt for 2 years of coverage vs 5 years.