Private property or government rights?

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    Good find tourist. One could debate various small specifics but overall still a good article and even more so is that we are now 12 years down the road from when it was written. From this piece one might go back a bit and read about the enclosure movement, the beginnings of the industrial revolution and then come forward into the ideal of manifest destiny. The Hage's may have indeed been victims but we should realize they are nothing more than another name in a growing and very long list of such but the victimizer is always the very same thing!

    And I might add, if the profits of war benefited certain banking interests in the 1860's, what have the profits been since and if war is so profitable and these banking interests hold large sway over the decisions of the victimizer, should we seriously question the victimizer when it sez it needs to launch another war? Even when all of the pretext for it seems valid?