Probably asked a million times by a UPSer wife but,

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  1. nagginwife

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    My husband's start date was Oct 1 2010 I believe. We live in Twin Falls, ID. I know it's different for each area but can someone give a ballpark figure of how long of the PT till he has an opportunity to be a driver? He's working two jobs now and I'm working too, I hate to see him so worn out and busting his a** like this. Also... I wanna start having kids sooner or later, and actually be able to afford to take care of them.
  2. funkytownhub

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    Just depends on the area. I'm out of Dallas Ft worth and the wait seems to be 5-8 years, but Waco which is about an hour and half away is less than a year.
  3. gman042

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    It all depends on the demand. If there is a need for another driver then the opportunity is available and he will have a crack at it. There was a 10 year stretch at my center when another driver wasn't needed. In the last 5 yrs we have hired 8 drivers as growth and retirements have occurred. There is no certain length of service before you can become a driver from PT. Your center is large enough that there should be ample opportunity for advancement....
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    If he's been there 2 years he should be able to give u a ball park of how long it will be.
  5. cachsux

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    If you think he's worn out from busting his ass now.................................
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    The Canadian Border is just north of you, so is Alberta.
    Since you don't have kids , yet - a 6 mths working and temporary resident visa is very simple to get (6 months at a time).
    Both Calgary and Edmonton hire UPS drivers off the street, and many other job openings are available (can't pass a store or an establishment here without a "Help Wanted Sign" on it's door or windows.
    Many companies are so frustrated that they hire from overseas.

    Just a thought !
  7. cachsux

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    ......don't worry too much about that.
    Obama will take care of us.
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    My first thought as well.
  10. undies

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    Took me 4.5 years to go full time 6 years ago. The most recent cover driver had to wait 11 years and he started 3 months ago. That's out where I'm at.
  11. UnsurePost

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    Twenty years, at least.
  12. over9five

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    I always thought you guys were kidding! You mean some people really have to wait to be a driver????
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not if you're hired off the street during a period of growth.:happy-very:
  14. over9five

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    I went in, and told them I wanted to drive. Think I started the next day.
  15. rod

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    My old center has had 8 drivers retire since I retired 11 years ago. They have hired only 4 drivers to replace us. (I know what you are all thinking) but the truth is is that they just plain don't want to hire more even though those still working are putting in some hellasious hours.
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    its between 5-8 years to go full-time. Im from so cal. Best advice is not to go driving, take a inside combo job it pays about the same minus the worn out body 15 years later. So in the long run inside building is the way to go. Hope this helps.

  17. Justaname

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    My girlfriend says the same thing. I've been preloading 5 years and looks like itll be awhile longer. Tell him to hang in there.
  18. cachsux

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    Usually periods inhibit growth for at least 7-10 days.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...or any activity for that matter...
  20. over9five

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    If Obama gets re-elected, that will be a long, long time....