Probably the most important line in the entire TA.

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    "Nothing within this Memorandum of Understanding shall affect the Central States Health & Welfare Trustee’s right to modify benefit levels."

    Page 43.

    The way I understand it is that the Union can change the benefits at ANYTIME.

    Bottom line. We could easily, by the stroke of a pen, Loose certain benefits, Alter benefits, Higher co-pays, Higher deductibles.

    This one line has now finalized my decision to vote NO.
  2. kingOFchester

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    Why would I vote yes on a contract that leaves me with a blank check payable to a medical provider? A check that could be written in the amount of 10% of services, or could be 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%,,,,,,,,,. A check that MAY require me to cover ALL of my eye care. A check that may need to be written to cover ALL of X. This is not what I want. I want to know exactly what my expenses would be for all medical treatment during the life of the contract.

    At this point I think I would of rather paid X amount and keep the plan I had. At least that way I knew what my cost would be. As it stands now, that cost is unknown for the next 5 Years.
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    ​kingOfchester.....I agree with your concern about that particular line in our contract........however...after doing additional research in our current Summary Plan Document, I came up with the following (PDF attached)

    Plan Amendment or Termination

    UPS has established this Plan with the expectation that it will be continued indefinitely.

    Nevertheless, UPS reserves the right to amend or terminate the Plan at any time. The right to amend or terminate each Plan applies to all coverage hereunder, including coverage for active, retired, and disabled employees. No amendment or termination of the Plan will reduce or eliminate benefits for claims incurred prior to the effective date of the amendment or termination.


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    On behalf of all part-time employees, I simply do not like seeing "us" pay any form of deductibles considering the pay discrepancies between full-time and part-time employees. Part-time employees have been taking concessions with each and every contract....and that trend continues today.

    The $1.50 starting "pay increase" which turns out to actually be $0.50 is just another example of the "skullduggery" that our company and union insults us with. More than anything, it is an insult to our intelligence and a form of deception which I detest. The wage increases gained for the part-time will be quickly spent on increased healthcare costs AND increased Union Dues. If our Union is TRULY looking out after the interests of the part-time, then they should make an across the board CUT/Decrease in all Union Dues AND Initiation Fees for these part-time employees. As a Union Steward, it absolutely turns my stomach to watch new employees as they open their first set of paychecks and see what their take home (net) pay is. The initiation fees should be eliminated altogether IMHO...

    We have a huge divide in our full-time and part-time work force at UPS. One group complains of harassment and long hours while the other group waits for 10+ years to get those very same jobs. One group enjoys and posts that they are receiving total compensation in excess of $100,000 while the other group is fortunate to bring home $10,000 to $15,000. The healthcare benefits was the primary reason for the latter group to work.....and now even that benefit has been reduced. I find it ironic that in an organization that stands for equality, fairness, etc.. there is such a discrepancy between "the working class".

    The creation of full-time jobs would have eliminated much of the frustration that exists today in the part-time work force. Our Union promised 10,000 new full time jobs in 1997.....and that promise was never delivered. SurePost has been devastating in terms creating additional full-time jobs. Our centers lost over 20 routes in the past 5 years. I get tired of hearing about the need of SurePost in order to compete with FedEx....especially since most of these SurePost packages are often at the same stop or next door to the stop that we are already delivering to. I also get tired of hearing about how bad our economy is.....especially when I see yesterday that we hit record levels in the stock market.. The bottom line is that UPS as a publicly traded company, has joined the era of corporate greed...that puts profits before service and many other Casey founding principles.

    Part-time employees have been the "sacrificial lambs" long enough IMHO. I don't expect any full-time employee to vote on behalf of the part-time woes...I only hope that they can pause for a moment and feel what it must be like to wait 15 to 20 years at a job before they get to make what they do in wages. Although I expect this contract to pass, I will personally urge my fellow part-time employees to vote in a manner that best reflects how they were represented in this contract.
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    You nailed this one. Same with me, as soon as I saw the benefit level compared side to side with UPS and saw deducibles and Hospital charges I wasn't happy. But when I saw that they can modify our benefits on day 1 or 2 or when ever they want to how ever they want to, it is a NO vote for me as well.
    Some people are saying that they won't do that or that they have to provide us with similar to what we have now benefits, so they can't really modify it too much. I say NO unless we get a better health plan and guaranteed for the length of the contract.
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    THE SENTENCE INCLUDES THE WORDS "AT WILL".... these two words are the most critical words contained in this memoradum of understanding. What THESE two words do, is give the C S H&W UNLIMITED and UNILATERAL control over benefits upto and including REDUCTIONS in care, coverage and scope. They can RAISE rates, COPAYS, DEDUCTIBLES and participation percentages over time without any interuption BY ANYONE.

    "AT WILL" are words that spell disaster for the employees of UPS being transitioned into the CSH&W.


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    Realbrown1, I don't know you nor do you know me, but I'm taking your side on most of the issues you post. Maybe not all, but most. Lets start this rebellion.
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    I have been in the CS plan for 26 years.. If they can change our benefit at anytime, trust me it will be for the worse. There has been so much corruption at CS it is not funny . The trustees that were in charge at the time resigned,and walked away not being held accountable at all..
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    I agree - The enhanced plan is NOT similar to what I already have...currently, our prescriptions are paid 100%. Looks like on the new plan I will have to pay 10%. I have a son with Autism and take presciptions. Some are quite expensive. I don't want to lose something I already have. I'm voting no.
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    Very Good Post!
    This is just some of the issues also, many more. I am waiting on the conference call tonight and my Local Meeting Saturday. Fingers Crossed for Better News.
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    Another issue with Central States that I have personally experienced is they will deny claims for prescriptions if "they" feel it is not necessary . I have to have a prescription compounded at a special pharmacy, it is for a FDA approved drug, however they denied my insurance claims sticking me with a bill for over 300.00. Having a son with Autism, if there is a drug out there and "they" feel it is experimental or not necessary, even though a Doctor prescribed it, they will deny the claim.We have our Union meeting on Saturday and I will express my feelings about CS, and I will be taking all the claims that they have denied, and ask my BA how can you even consider keeping us in this horrible plan.. I am spreading the word to all my coworkers , even though I may be retiring in a year or so, this contract for the young guys & gals at UPS is a huge step down and it will only get worse in the future..If this contract goes thru, I feel we will get the rug pulled out from under us just like the last one...
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    Best post EVER on these forums. Especially about the people complaining constantly about their jobs makes 100k a year. Absolutely epic post.
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    Your problem ...
    Part-timers represent about 40% of Teamster members.
    Part-timers vote at less than a 20% rate.
    Part-timers represent about 10 - 15% of the final vote.

    ​Let the sacrificial preparation begin.
  14. jps

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    Can anyone tell me if our spouses are to be considered dependents under t his contract? Our local business agent told us before the tentative agreement was released that spouses would not be able to obtain coverage from the Central States Healthcare plan if they were able to get healthcare from their jobs. I cannot seem to get an answer on this from anyone. Would appreciate a response. Thanks
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    I can tell you this, I have been in the CS plan forever and my wife and kids are in the plan. Now will that change?
  16. balland chain

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    I think that is the case.. My ex has health insurance at his job that is much better than the CS plan that I am stuck with.. He has to pay 85.00 a month for his insurance . We added me to his plan and when the bills were submitted for payment, his insurance company found out thru my social that I have insurance with CS. They denied all the claims stating that since I had coverage with my employeer they did not have to pay the bills. I wish we would have know that since it cost 60.00 to add me to his policy and we were locked in for a year paying that extra 60.00 for nothing. They sent all the bills to CS and they paid the little part that they usually do.. So if your wife gets or can get insurance with her company, CS will most likely send the bills to her insurance company for payment. One note, this was 5 years ago and things MAY have changed but I doubt it. I would call the insurance commissioner of what ever state you are in to see if there are laws that may help you..GL
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    I just recently went through something similar with Dental, which I have at UPS and another job that i have held longer. 1st, on some medical policies it is illegal to have additional medical insurances on the same person. That would possibly explain why people are saying your spouse has to take medical at their job if available, if they are misunderstanding the information they are being given. 2nd, there are grandfather clauses in the insurance law, where the insurance you have had the longest has to pay first. only then will the second insurance look at the claim, and really they dont have to pay anything.
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    To explain further, I have an insurance avl at my fulltime job (i believe it is an HSA) that immediately was no good as soon as I went on UPS's insurance. After speaking with HR and looking into outside of work, I could have got into legal issues if i had attempted to use it while possesing additional major medical insurance (at UPS).
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    To explain better, if your spouses company offers insurance but your spouse waives the insurance so they don't have to pay and takes the UPS insurance instead. So basically if my wife has to take her insurance because her job offers it then it would cost us about $240 a month that we do not pay now because she waives the insurance at her work and takes the UPS insurance. Now our business agent told us before the tentative agreement was released that if the company she works for offers insurance she would not be able to waive that insurance and continue to stay on my plan. That she would have to pay for the insurance that the company she works for offers. But I cannot confirm this with anyone or find any info on line. I don't see anything in the contract that defines what they consider a dependent.
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    ONE solution to this issue Hoaxter...... TWO SEPARATE CONTRACTS... One for the FT and one for the PT.

    I used to be naive enough to believe that we had one contract because of "Solidarity", "Brotherhood", and all the other "feel good" Union terms you can think of. Ask me know, and I would say; "The reason we have one contract is plain and simple, there would be no "lambs" to sacrifice" in either contract.

    BTW stated that PT vote at less than 20%..(which could mean up to 19.99%). You also state that PT represent about 10 - 15% of the FINAL vote. My cynical side has to wonder what happens to the 15+%-19.99% of the PT vote? You do have me interested in knowing the actual and "official" final vote breakdown. Wouldn't be surprised to find the unopened PT envelopes buried in a landfill..... (other comments about landfill and JHSr. self-moderated) Thank you for keeping this pot stirred :peaceful: