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    Anyone know the probation period for the new contract? If that does change from contract to contract. Is it just 30 days or 30 work days? If I am called off does it count or not? This is for the central states.
    I started working few weeks ago and I spend my first 9 days ago loading package cars and sorting from time to time (and I was actually paid sort). I then spent day 10 unloading trailers (the flowing Monday) after that I was told they did not need me the next day and on call the rest of the week. That morning I got a call saying they was short so I went in and was told they would call me if they need me the rest of the week and never called the rest of the week. Went in today and asked them about next week and they said on call becaues they forgot to put me on the list. So during this time I spent 11 consecutive days working 9 loading package cars and then 2 unloading. If I was not called off I would be at 14 days.

    When I took this job they said they needed a feeder and package car cover/seasonal driver but they have nobody to do it now as they got FT driving jobs now. I said I would do them but I was told I needed to to my 30 days first.
    The day before I started I was told they had two people waiting to go FT driving and they was hiring 2 drivers. On my 3rd day after I was hired they put out the bid list and filled them but there was 5 people one the list. According to my math that is 3 more that was not on the last bid list. A outside hire would be brought in before me (unless the ratio was changed) and that outside hire will be another supervisor like the one 6 months ago. According to one of the guys that has been loading for 16 years almost all the outside hires have been sups.
    They was predicting to be losing 10 drivers with in the next 2-3 years becaues of retirement and might be hiring more soon. The 3 others all had higher seniority (2 years vs 5 years) then the others but did not get it. One I think got DQ'd for driving record and the others were farmers. I don't know how they are going to pull that off, still was not given it.
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    You could always ask your steward!

    Don't ever listen to "they" a lot of BS comes from that.

    Also, the word is WERE, not was. They WERE hiring 2 drivers, not they was.
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    Oh I think that's not the only grammatical error in that long paragraph.

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    I tried to read it. Couldn't make half way through. I know it is the internet and all but come on man.
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    I know, just the one that was bothering me the most lol
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    Sorry guys but I have always had problems with this. When it comes to English I have disabilities, that includes handing writing as well. I am also suffering some real bad allergy attacks, so I did not care to prof read it.
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    Its ok. Only the best a UPS! J/k its all good.

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    Honestly the spelling isn't huge. It's not breaking up paragraphs that makes things hard to read.
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    I think we would all like to help but it really a hard understanding what your saying. Can you condense it or just get to the point.

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    You typically need 30 working days in a 90 day period in order to attain seniority. This varies by supplement but that's usually how it works.