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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by eplaner, Apr 4, 2012.

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    so im a loader and i haven't pass the pickoff test but i can pickoff. i don't always pickoff, i just do it when its needed, last week i picked off on one of the day. so i should get that dollar for that day only right?. my pay is at 9.50 right now so i should get 10.50 an hour for the hour i worked that day. but when i receive the paycheck it dosen't show 10.50 for the hours i worked.
    my timesheet has a
    "HPO" in front instead of a "LOA" it has happened TWICE
    That is payrolls fault or the managements fault
    if its payrolls fault why always do that..
    first time happened, i told my full time sup and he added extra time for me.
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    If you do pickoff in the forest and no one see's you do it does it still pay more?
  3. eplaner

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    if they asked to do so, then u get paid an extra dollar if haven't got
    for at least 15minute while picking off
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    If you have not passed the pick off test for that belt than you are not "skilled" , so, no to the pay difference. Pass the Test and no problems with the hourly rate.
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    um, no.

    jmo forget the "skilled pay" ...that is mgmt mumbo jumbo. If you aren't skilled you maybe shouldn't be doing a skilled job? which, is the case here.

    I would suggest to OP, look into your local supplement for details. Talk with a steward in your work area. Here in NE, if you work a position that pays a higher rate, you are paid that higher rate for all hours worked in the day/night.

    The idea is that the FT supervisor coded the OP a loader or whatever generic "unskilled" position that makes his numbers look correct. That is how you are paid. Chances are this is a very basic example of the underlying dishonesty at UPS.