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    So, I've worked for UPS seven years and several months now, I recently grabbed a bid for part time cover driver and recieved all the proper training in Nashville. I was put on the road with a superviser for on the road training. After a couple days the superviser put me on the road alone(I didn't do that well. Sheeted up stops wrong and was an hour over allowed.) I'm new so whats the big deal. I'm gonna make mistakes. After a couple of weeks of making mistakes I finally scratched the route yay big f-ing deal, But that was a month ago. I haven't qualified yet and everyday my superviser tells me that I'm not needed. Any advice?
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    9 weeks from now, u'll be on route at 930 pm wondering if the 14 hr. days will ever end.
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    id guess its your :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty attitude,, your not driver material
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    They are only using you when they have to at this point. Otherwise they will avoid putting you out there because inexperience usually messes up their numbers. And thats all they care about.
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    Your first sentence says you bid for part time cover driver. So you cover drive part of the time.
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    I guess I'm being a whinny b***h and should wait my turn. I just got out of the Marine Corps and I'm having trouble adjusting to how slow UPS works.
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    just got out of the stated in #1 post that you've been w/ UPS over 7 yrs. ?? which way are you going
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    dude wat

    if you actually think UPS is slower than 8 hours of picking up cigs, trash, or standing post.......