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    I know you have to put in time because of the seniority but i just need an explanation as to what the process is. For example how do bids work and what are saturday air driver bid lists? also if i ever do get chosen how long would it take to train me or actually get out driving, i heard it is ike 6 months is this true? thanks in advance
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    Depends on where you are. Where I'm at, it's a 10 year waiting list on average. Saturday air isn't a bad choice if you don't mind working 6 days a week. It's a 6-7 year wait over here. There's a bid sheet that comes up and they go by highest seniority for both positions. Being an air driver opens up utility driving. Extra hours if you need them or if they need you. Ask at your building. They'll know far more than we would here since we have no clue where you are.
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    alright thanks i have only worked here for 3 months and was really just wondering all these questions and if its worth putting in the years to become a driver
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    Wait, wait, wait.

    I just started driving and it took me almost 6 years.
  5. Took me 1 year. Did every route cold and was done by 3 on every route. Had no.choice but to keep me
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    Not impressed
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    wow, young grasshopper, you are the stuff
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    They asked me if I wanted to drive on a Wednesday. Next Monday I was training. The next Monday I was driving. This all depends on your individual center.
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    Try taking a lunch!!meep meep
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    krazy, the best advice is to sign every list that is posted. That's the best way. Every building is different time wise. Before I started driving I saw some guys that were at UPS only a few months before they started driving. And just because you see others with more seniority signed the list doesn't mean you won't get it. Some people just sign every list to sign every list.

    Moral of the story-------SIGN EVERY LIST!!!!