Production: do we recognize it???????

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 407steward, May 10, 2011.

  1. Anonymous 10

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    Ponder the thought. Did we recognize production last week when we wore our stickers in protest of UNFAIR Production Stantards???

    I mean no disrespect to the international I'm just brain storming.
  2. toonertoo

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    We didnt do no sticker thing. And yes we recognize it as the most degrading form Of harrassment, I have yet to witness in my over 1/4 century with this company. It is all that matters, not accidents, not injuries, not customer satisfaction, not attendance, just some bogus numbers some bozo puts in a PC!
  3. 728ups

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    I have seen alot of changes in the 26 years i have been with the company,but the one constant is Scratch. I do not recognize it,and if i am prompted to 'do better' I just say 'OK' and do the job same as i always have .If i get a 3 day OJS my time is the same,if not worse and the matter drops until i get a new Oncar who is going to roll up his sleeves and get things turned around
  4. toonertoo

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    yeah, gotta love those young guns here, 26 yrs also.
  5. dillweed

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    407 - There are no production standards and that's why I didn't accept the sticker offered by the union rep. I felt it was silly to even recognize something that doesn't exist.
  6. curiousbrain

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    I recognize production - I recognize it when the belt is so full of boxes I can't see the person or the trucks who work across the belt from me, or I can't find my own packages because they are stacked two or three high, or there are ten jams in ten minutes, or any other number of things that indicate to me that "we" are not "making production." Yeah, I recognize that.

    That whining aside, I also recognize that there needs to be a metric (or a number of them) that can be used to extrapolate the performance of various centers, divisions, etc into an easily digestible figure - are things lost in the translation? Of course. But unless the executives want to spend every day of every year visiting different facilities around the world, or just taking a center manager's word for it that production is met, it is a necessary evil. Doesn't mean I don't hate it some times.

    As I see it, anyway.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Don't be surprised when you see production addressed in 2013.
  8. upserr1

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    realistic production?
  9. steward71

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    cant agree with you more, it is coming.
  10. menotyou

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    Don't be surprised when the union sells one more part of our collective soul to keep production out.
  11. UnsurePost

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    There is no "production". Why that buzz word keeps going around UPS makes no sense whatsoever.

    You cannot address something that does not exist to begin with. However, that is not the unions fault in my eyes, it is the company that continues to harass and intimidate people to work beyond their physical means.
  12. bigblu 2 you

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    any production language would be the demise of teamsters .the old guard knew that and would roll over in their graves if it was even considered.what needs to be recognized and addressed is forcing,coercing , harassing and or intimidating to achieve unrealistic demands.p.s. i hope junior reads this.
  13. just_a_number

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    wow stickers.....thatll show the company
  14. TearsInRain

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    metrics are great

    until you stop using them as a tool and start using them as a goal
  15. Coldworld

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    Even if the union agreed to it..they would have to have every aspect of allowance "verified" on every single stop on every single route....allowances would have to be stop specific....and not an average.if I have to climb 3flights of stairs to reach an apt I get full credit for that 3flights up AND 3 flights down...something I don't get today in ie world. Do any of you ever think ups would EVER agree to this...I highly doubt much time would be gained that it would defeat the purpose...why do you think the numbers are so secretive.the union would have to be kept in the loop about everything.
  16. soberups

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    The underlying "purpose" behind a timestudy is to create a "standard" that can only be met by working off of the clock.

    UPS's entire operatational plan is designed around...and dependent upon....screwing as many drivers as possible out of their lunches and breaks. The same is true for the MIP bonuses that are paid out to full-time management people. It is blatant corruption and greed, nothing more. If every single driver on every single route nationwide pulled over from noon to 1:00 tomorrow for a full and uninterrupted lunch, as a company we would be looking at many tens of thousands of service failures as well as a bunch of management heads on plate in Scott Davis's office.
  17. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    Sober...why isnt drivers delivery records being pulled on drivers who have been known not to take a lunch and put one down...can the union or a ba get their hands on those... you don't take a lunch and put one down this is dishonesty and bs. Crock of crap...can the union disipline these members???
  18. Nimnim

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    The contract goes both ways, but the union won't go after their own members for violating the contract. That would risk members getting fired or leaving meaning lost dues.
  19. Coldworld

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    do it "in house" with the union...why does the company have to know that johnny runner is getting a talking to about taking breaks and lunch....driver is getting hour of bonus a day and getting off at 5 while others go out bricked out and come back breaked out and are an hour over....real fair effin system!!
  20. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    lets try this one...Incompetent management:do we recognize it????????