Production firing case finally heard at panel..... well almost

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    With all the production harrassment UPS gives its drivers, very very few people are actually fired for it and have it stick.

    Ive always wanted one to be heard here in our neck of the woods and it almost happened. Company fired a driver here 5 times for not holding his SPORH where they told him he had to.... This one made it all the way to panel but just before the cases were to be heard they were thrown out. Mysteriously... All 5... hmmm
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    he was fired 5 times???
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    Yes... they have been after this guy for his production for a long long time. They had many 3 day rides and locked him in... they would fire him after a while for not maintaining... then fire him again,,,, and again ,,,, etc, You get the idea. They just let it build up. Since it was not for dishonesty they kept him on the road. But every week they would just fire him again.
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    That's sort of like me. I quit everyday when I leave work but then come back the next morning. :wink2:
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    Wow thats unbelievable. They don't do this where I'm from is there more to this guys story? Are they trying to get him for methods infractions?
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    Thats too bad to put a driver through that.
    My boss told me he had been following me and I did excellent. Except I crossed in front of the truck to cross. I told him to go back and look, where would he like me to park, the drives were too close, and I aint walking through trash in the treelawn to deliver a package.
    they have been complaining to me for ever about my sporh. Most times I maintain it, some days I dont. So when the boss asks why, you have to show them. I dont know why but you do. Sometimes it just dont work out, and I dont know why. I seriously dont know what your nuumbers mean one day to the next. They make no sense. So they follow me around. I dont know what good that does, as telematics know everything anyway.
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    They tried that with a driver here and it all got thrown out at the local level hearing. To make it stick there has to be something pretty significant besides just failing to maintain a set sporh, like repeated methods violations, failure to follow instructions, serious attendance issues, etc.
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    The only thing more to the story that I am aware of and I am fairly familiar with it is that he and the center manager really really dont get along. Neither do he and the Division manager. IMO I feel like they really felt they had a good case against this guy for production and was trying to win one to set a precedent.

    Only problem was that the center manager was sugar coating the details. I sat a couple of the local levels and the center manager swore that the route never changed and the driver delivered the same area every day. This wasnt the case. The route was set up to give a higher SPORH when a sup was riding and then things would go back to normal from there on. I dont know exactly what happened as panel time drew near. I would imagine the Labor manager made the final decision but who knows.
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    How much does this cost the company in time and actual money....
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    I believe when the sup puts his initials into the road under ojs there is time
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    P-man, I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from but I can't say as I agree with it. Loads do get massaged, areas do get taken off etc to improve performance. This may not be blatant allowance given because a sup puts in initials for an OJS but it is still adding time. If the company really wanted a true and accurate sense of the time taken to do a rte then they wouldn't touch the rte prior to start time. No massaging, no add/cuts.
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    Every time a sup rides with me my numbers get worse.
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    They do it here as well, continue with progressive discipline each week the SPORH is not reached. We have had guys with 8,9 even 10 pending terminations. Always get reduced to final warnings!!
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    Yeah I'm telling you, you can't work properly with someone standing over your shoulder. Let the drivers do their route In peace. I'm starting package car within this week and I hope I don't have to put up with that bull*$)#. But on a happier note, the sup who disqualified me last year Is gone and the center manager (they were like buddies) so I am glad.
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    Its a numbers game.

    They know damn good and well that none of the terminations will stick, but they are counting on the fact that a certain percentage of the drivers will simply cave in to the harassment and start skipping their lunches and breaks in order to meet the the impossible "standards"...which was the companies entire goal in the first place.

    9 drivers who skip lunch= 1 route eliminated=one less car on the road= one less FT driver on the payroll= one less FT benefit package to pay for. Its not rocket science, just basic arithmetic....and it adds up to many millions of dollars per year in extra profits for the company.

    Look at the way this company treats its own management people, and then ask yourself if it is truly logical to think that its "time studies" were ever intended to be fair or realistic in the first place.
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    I understand what you are saying about massaging loads during an OJS. I have never done so or condoned the practice.

    Neither of us know if that happened in this case, and that was not mentioned by the OP.

    I responded to the statement that additional planned time is added in GTS because its an OJS. That is not true.

    All I am saying is that based on what was said, maybe in this one case the driver is wrong..... That does happen sometimes.