Profits are down at UPS as it ramps up investments to cut the cost of home deliveries

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    Profits are down at UPS as it ramps up investments to cut the cost of home deliveries - Digital Commerce 360

    UPS is stepping up investment to increase automation, buy cargo planes and build sorting facilities as it seeks to navigate a changing competitive landscape.

    United Parcel Service Inc.’s effort to cash in on surging e-commerce will have to wait as the courier ramps up spending to boost efficiency and capacity.

    The domestic package unit earned 11 cents for every dollar of sales in the second quarter, down from about 13 cents a year earlier, UPS said Wednesday as it reported earnings. The tighter profit margin underscored the courier’s heavy investments to cut the costs of home deliveries, which are weighing on UPS’s trademark efficiency because drivers typically handle fewer parcels per stop with them.
  2. It takes a little bit linglo to car a bed , a lawnmower and a 100 pounds of dog food up 20 steps than those Surepost packages we give to the post office..... Just saying.
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    This is smile for the camera, its contract time. The company came to negotiations with their pockets pulled out.
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    In this case we should probably give up our raises to help the company. I mean if you think about it we are lucky to even have a job right?!
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    drop amazon and let them deliver it themselves

    they'd have to jack prime up so high no one would use it anymore