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    will start driving P/T sat. air in a few weeks and was looking at the
    starting pay... Looks like I'll make an impressive $12.50 per hr.LOL!! Then top rate after 2 years of around $22(I think)

    Question is this.. Do all driving jobs have a seperate "progression"?

    Meaning, do air drivers have to put in 2 years to top out?
    Then IF same employee cover drives, another 2 years til top?
    Then finally F/T package car, $15 hr. to start then 3 years til top?

    Also, What does "red circled" pay rate Mean?
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    The progression is dependent on the job you have. What you stated is correct for your job as a part time Saturday air driver. If you were to go combo air driving you would have to go through yet another 2 year progression period starting out at $13.50 and ending up at $24 in 2 years. If you were to go fulltime package car or feeders you would have a 3 year progression period, but would top out over $30/hr. It just depends on what classification you are in. The only jobs that don't have a progression to a top rate are non driving part time positions.

    As far as the number of times you would have to go through progression is dependent on your status as either part-time or full-time. Here once you are fulltime and have went through a progression for one fulltime job, say as a combo employee, you don't have to go through a full progression if you were to go into package car driving. Now as a part-time saturday air driver going into any fulltime position you would have to go through that job's fulltime progression period to reach top rate, but only once as a full time employee.
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    "Red Circled" means you keep your current higher rate of pay when you bid into certain jobs that initially pays less than your current rate of pay. The job bidded into may have a pay progression that starts low and increases over several years. You would not have to take a cut in pay. But your curent pay would be frozen until the progression increases exceed your Red Circled pay rate.