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    Any other parts of the country having a problem with the new progression pay for drivers that were currently in progression as on 8/108?

    The company here has given these drivers the 35 cents but has not moved them up to the pay scales as the contract states.

    we are talking about several hundred drivers here alone in 705, i can only imagine how many across the country. Word is no other locals are pushing this issue. Heres the language.

    Article 41
    Full-time employees still in progression on the effective date of this Master Agreement shall receive the
    above contractual increases. They will be paid no less than what they are entitled to in accordance with
    Article 41, Section 2 below.
    Section 2. Full-time Wage Progression
    a. All Supplements, Riders or Addenda will contain the following wage progression schedule to cover
    all full-time employees, except apprentices, who are in the progression as of August 1, 2002 2008. or
    who enter a full-time job after August 1,2002 other than package, feeder, air or one covered by Section 3
    below. This two (2) year progression will also remain in effect from the date this Agreement
    becomes effective until August 1, 2008 for those employees entering during this period a full-time
    job other than package, feeder, air or one covered by Section 3 below.
    The rate in effect on July 31, 2002 will be used to calculate the progression rates for the life of this
    Rate in Effect
    on July 31, 2002
    Start 70%
    Seniority 75%
    Seniority Date plus one (1) year 80%
    Seniority Date plus eighteen (18) months 90%
    Seniority Date plus two (2) years Top Rate
    Part-time employees on the payroll as of July 31, 2002, who subsequently are promoted to full-time
    employment under this progression, will be red circled until such time as the calculated progression rate
    exceeds that rate. The transfer date will become his/her full-time start date for purposes of applying the
    above progression.
    When a part-time employee bids to a full-time classification under this progression where the top rate of
    the full-time classification is less than his/her current rate, the employee shall be placed at the top rate of
    the new classification immediately.
    b. No employee shall be required to complete a full-time progression more than one time even if he or
    she transfers between full-time jobs except as set forth in this paragraph. The sole exception is when an
    employee is awarded a package car or feeder driver job and has not previously held a full-time job
    which includes driving duties. In such event, the employee will have a break-in rate equal to the
    employee’s current wage rate until six (6) months from the date the employee entered the job. The
    employee will then go to the prevailing top rate. A part-time air driver who has completed the Article
    40 progression, bids a full-time inside job and then a driver job within two (2) years shall have the same
    break-in period.
    c. The progression for employees entering a package car driving, or feeder, or other full-time job
    (other than an air driver or a job covered by Section 3 below) position after August 1, 2002 2008
    shall be as follows:
    Start $14.70 $16.10
    Seniority $15.75 $17.25
    Twelve (12) months $16.80 $18.45
    Twenty-four (24) months $18.90 $20.75
    Thirty-six (36) (30) months (current top rate) Top Rate
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    Glad you put this out there Red, This is what i been trying to tell my center manager and supervisor. I know i was the first out of my center to point it out to Manny. Once i did that all the guys who are not at the right rate started filing grievences. Manny told me that mine has to go to pannel. Wouldn t you think id be doing the company a favor by trying to settle this before the next pannel (which i hear isn t until 12/11). Also make sure you put it out there that if they are not being paid right to file for the penalty pay as well, I did!
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    who the hell is Manny?
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Manny is the generic name for a Shop Stewart ... especially if his first name is John or Jimmy.
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    Manny is a steward in the building that don is in.

    Don my hats off to you for being a new driver and taking the time to read the contract. Its a lot harder for management to take advantage of you if you know the contract.

    At the next panel you will be part of 400 or so progression grievances to be heard on top of the new cases and all of the company holds from this last week, it might take to xmas from the 11th to have it heard.
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    If they wait until xmas to get this settle then they are gonna cut me one heck of a xmas check. If my calculations are right im almost at 2gran in retro plus penalty pay. I think thats the one thing the guy in our labor dept isnt realizing is that all of this was suppose to be retroactive to 8/1. My biggest concern is the longer this drags out them more money im gonna lose in a settlement.
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    Penalty pay is half your daily guarantee per week, so as a ftimer that would be 4 hours. And all 47 grievances out of my building are asking for penalty pay to, thats a lot of coin!
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    Perhaps they'll get retro, but to get it they will settle by dropping the penalty pay. UPS is stronger than the locals, which is a good thing, because you work for UPS, not the teamsters. Of course, I guarantee you'll come back in late December and say that each driver won a million dollar grievance. The truth is great, unless it conflicts with your beliefs (well, not your beliefs, but what the union tells you are your beliefs).
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    But ups is not bigger than an arbitrators decision! Ups is the one that shorted these employees so if they have to pay an extra $100 per week for 300 to 400 employees from 8-1 that's really their fault.

    Now understand when we received our retro checks on 10-24 it was immediately brought to the company and labor by myself personally in an attempt to resolve it with out penalty pay. They choose not to now they will pay the penalty.

    Now i have a sup telling me that I'm not a free thinker and i only believe what the union tells me to, cmon! Has someone cut your puppet strings and now allowing you to post all by your self?
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    Puppet strings? I thought they worked the mouth by sticking a hand up their ass.
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    You actually begin to like it after a while. :wink2:
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    Thank God somebody else is talking about this. I found this in the contract and brought it to our local (243). All I have heard out of them so far is "We have a call in to hall". We have heard that for 3 months or more now. Our steward could care less about it. He laughs and says "you guys are going to lose that grievance." I call the hall at least once a week regarding this and same answer every time. Instead we have seasonals making the same as us, and if they get hired they will make more. We are at 16.08, and 75% of current scale is 21 and change. I really hope 705 gets this handled, then maybe we will have a leg to stand on. As of right now this only effects 5 of us new guys, so we get treated like dirt. What happened to a Teamster is a Teamster? Not a Teamster with 20 years has more right than a Teamster with 1?
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    Also, we filled out our grievance forms, had them time stamped by our center manager, and he still has them. They have never been filled, total bs. He was told to just hang on to them for now by the hall.
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    "The rate in effect on July 31, 2002 will be used to calculate the progression rates for the life of this Agreement...

    Article 41 Section 2 (c) of the prior Agreement shall remain in effect for all employees in that progression as of the date of the ratification and those who enter the progression between the date of ratification and August 1, 2008."

    The last step to full pay is a bigger one, but otherwise the effect of the new contract on your progression is nada.

    Oh, and screwing fellow Teamsters without much seniority is not a change. It's traditional.
  18. Quagmire

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    Well, maybe he knows something we dont, after all his uncle did help write the national contract on managements side. Right now I'm at the 12 month period in my progression, make $16.80 an hour thats 80% of what you guys made in 97 or 98 right? Just seems like a no brainer.
  19. Quagmire

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    You respect those with more seniority, and help those with less...... some times it doesnt work that way, but it should.
  20. US0352

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    Well then give me the 36 month progression and not the 30 month. The difference between the 2 is about 20 a week for 6 months.

    Maybe some of us don't like traditions and want to start new ones. Glad to see you are in the "old tradition". Let me guess......your a steward?