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    So do I get my raises on my hire date or seniority date?

    The contract book says:
    Starting wage: xx.xx
    Seniority: xx.xx
    1 year: xx.xx
    2 year: xx.xx
    3 year: xx.xx
    4 year: Top Rate

    I'm wondering does that 1 year, etc., come on my hire date or seniority date. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Your seniority date is your hire date once you make book, at least in my local, not sure if that's something that changes country wide.
  4. Should be your hire date if you're in the Central. Either way, the progression raises up until Top Rate are insulting. Is what it is though...
  5. cdm624

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    I was thinking it was my hire date, but I didn't get them last week's check (hire date is 7/21). Wonder if they don't start mid check and will start this next check.

    I did get my 1 year safe driving pin, which said date achieved was 7/21 on the box. So I'm hoping the raise works the same.
  6. Gumby

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    Did you work everyday?
  7. cdm624

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    Didn't make seniority until 9/10. So no I didn't work everyday at first.
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    He's not @Brownslave688
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    The rates are wacky, especially the last contract which I'm in progression on. I'm at almost 2.5 years into progression and only make $20.75 (+.70 come Monday ). There's no even progression. I go from being broke one day, to being well off the next on the day of my 3 year raise. It will go from $21.45/hr - $34.36/hr in one day. Something like a 65% raise overnight. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The main advantage to this is that it feels that much better when you do reach top rate. It becomes a life changer, not just a raise.

    An evenly spread progression would seem to make more sense. Last contract should have been something like:

    Seniority: $17.25
    1 year $21.00
    2 years $25.00
    3 years top rate
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    They do start mid-check. For example 7-21 was a Tuesday, so Monday you would have received your old rate, and the rest of the week would have been your new rate

    8.00-old rate
    32.00-new rate
  12. Scottyhawk

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    After you make book, your seniority reverts to your first day driving after driving class
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    Hmm. I guess I've got to find out why I didn't get my raise last week.
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    No worries, I'm sure UPS got it right
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    How does it work if a PTer PH already making $25/hr want to drive?

    Do he jump back to $18.75/hr or keep his rate?
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He would be red circled at the $25/hr until his progression wage exceeds that amount.
  18. TheKid99

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    Thanks!! I'll let him know today.