Progressive discipline??

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    Is it true that a driver needs to go through "progressive discipline" before he/she can be terminated for a non-cardinal offense? If UPS management terminates an employee who commits a non-cardinal offense, isn't that a breach of the UPS/Teamster contract? Shouldn't UPS be held liable for the breach of contract?
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    Would you care to tell us the story so we can help you?
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    ^What he said!
  4. Livin the Dream?

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    If fired for a non-cardinal offense, it is otherwise known of as a short, paid vacation. Other than that, what the guys above said.
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    Aw, come on, you can tell us, we won't tell anybody.:happy-very:
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    Drivers are held liable thats what progressive discipline does. When the company breach the UPS/Teamster contract the union doesn't go on strike, but it would solve the 9.5 problem.
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    how are the back wages calculated. 8hrs per day or based on an average of you actually daily pay?
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    I believe they take hours worked by the driver that does your route, and they pay you that
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    That's the only method I have heard of them using around here.