Promoted!! A UPS salesman I am!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kingOFchester, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. kingOFchester

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    Thats right!! Here it is about 5:30am today. Busting my hump for the brown, and here comes HR. Comes up to me. Has a sheet of paper. Asks me do I have another Job. I state Yes. HR says, great! Do I see them sending or receiving stuff from us or the other guys. I say Yes. Hr says great, can we have some contact information such as name of business, boss name, number?

    I was shocked, I was being asked to give them my other employer information so they can drum up business for UPS. I am all for it, but this goes a little far. I declined......and I got a look of shock from HR. Hr stated, you don't care about the volume and business? I smiled and said, I have a job to do....and went back to loading.
  2. Ms Spoken

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    Now KOC thats not being a Team Player. LOL They could open up the phone book and start doing cold calls.
  3. Mr Shifter

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    so you don't care.... I mean with quick smile the retreat back to work. Well i hope some people out there do because i choose UPS as my career i would enjoy the volume increases for MY employer.

    I recently picked up a second job and by you post i will go ahead and ask them if they are interested in a bid by UPS since i saw the stack of FDX express envelops.
  4. pickup

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    Well, that's a little different , you're deciding to be the one to ask and get permission. Don't you think it would be different if ups got the real phone number from you as well as the boss's name (without his knowledge and consent) and got past the screener and got to your boss and he feels his time is being wasted with the call and then found out that you were the one that made it possible for the phone call to go through.?
  5. trplnkl

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    Very good point pickup
  6. Salesguy

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    Thats right kingOFchester!!!
    I will tell you the true story behind this...
    We all need to contribute and be creative. You had a great opportunity by turning your second job in a official lead and it would give you a. Great visual with management B. prospectual incentives C. contribution to your company D. protect your job. Now its just a lost opportunity on the net for both you and me...
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...agreed but there is a time and a place for everything. It may have been more effective had the HR person waited for KOC to finish his shift and then give his spiel.

    Now, I don't think it would have hurt for KOC to have given the basic information necessary for a sales lead. Who knows, he may have ended up with some spending money and it wasn't like he was being asked to hand over trade secrets.

    Prospectual incentives?!
  8. pickup

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    Hey salesguy: what if I had a relative who produced motivational books for salespeople as well as ran networking meetings, would it be okay for me to give him your phone number as this would be an official lead for him, I would have a "great visual" at the next family circle, prospectual incentives as maybe he would help me clean out the garage, and a contribution to his company. Whaddya think?
  9. brownmonster

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    Not a lost opportunity. The ball is in KOC's court as to if he is willing to turn in a VOLUNTARY sales lead on his own terms which he probably will. We all have timed jobs at UPS and nowhere is time built in for being a salesman.
  10. Salesguy

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    Pick up, that is not an option in time of costsaving, although I appreciate the gesture, however I just opened a new thread that may give you some food for thought....
  11. Int'lguy

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    I think the real question is why was KOC reluctant to provide the sales lead in the first place.......
  12. Bubblehead

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    Sometimes these people come across like religious fanatics.
    I was once told by center manager that turning in sales leads was a condition of my employment. All he was concerned with was his participation %.
    This was years ago. Hadn't turned one in up to that point. Still haven't turned one in.
    Still employed at UPS.

    P.S. I'm not stupid. I realize that the companies success and my success is tied to our customer base. I was not initially indignant. My route happens to be in the hood and there is simply nothing out there. No need to waste the sales dept time following up on bogus leads to make a number for the center manager. Now in light of management tactics...I'm glad there is nothing out there so I can appear indignant.
  13. evilleace

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    No he can still submit a lead but I think that he should ask permission from his boss first as a courtesy and also to stay on his bosses good side.:happy2:
  14. tourists24

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    I agree. I am not a salesman. They pay me to deliver boxes. They work me til 8 or 9pm at least on most nights doing this. . They dont care about me and Im ok with that. I know what Im involved with in this job so I do my best and they pay me. Nuff said; we have sales people to do that job. I never seem to see them at 9pm when I get back to the center. Maybe they need to work more hours to get that volume.
  15. kingOFchester

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  16. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    What makes you think that my other job is my 2nd job? If I lost my UPS job, I would still beable to support my family. If I lost my other job I could NOT support my family on what I currently make at UPS.
  17. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Do you seriously not see why KOC was reluctant? Seems pretty obvious to me. The hit him up at the wrong time with a situation that he should not be in. They should have waited till his shift was over, then asked him to check with his other job to see if they could use an account and would be willing to listen to a UPS proposal. What they did was pretty much demand he cough up the info they wanted.

    Now KOC, go ask you day job boss for the sales lead. We don't want all the business, just his. lol
  18. Salesguy

    Salesguy Sales Member

    Yeah dah...everything besides UPS comes second....:peaceful:
  19. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    Funny how when times are good you can't get anybody to talk to you and are treated like a second class citizen, but when the times get bad everybody is in your business. I can't remember the last time a sales person made any attempt to talk to me. The last time it kinda went like this, me: did you contact so and so, him: no haven't had time been really busy with this big account. me: well i turned in the lead three weeks ago, him: will get with them by friday.....yup that was last year...... and my last lead
  20. tourists24

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    Maybe they should send a salesguy out on route with me. He/she could deliver my boxes as I get them sales leads. Sounds like a winner.