Promoting from within?

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  1. Its exciting how UPS promotes from within. It gives us an incentive to work harder and strive for a promotion.I feel like UPS wants to nurture our skills and take them to the next level.
    I am ready to lead UPS into tomorrow.
    I wonder how your skills have developed throughout your career with UPS.

    Loyal Teamster
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    LOL ... you're so full of it!
    I like that in a person.

    UPS promotes from within to some extent ... not as much as they use to.
    Part-time sups are almost always promoted from within.
    Other than that, it's iffy.
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    We use to get kids straight out of college (usually with no/limited work experience) & hired into various operational management positions tossed into our facility for a few months basics training. And yet we still have a handful of supervisors who've believed for over a decade that any day now they're going to be promoted...
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    Another post you had, you said you just made it into UPS. Now you are Gung Ho...Something Smells about your posts..Either you are a Troll or just someone that has no Brains...Yes that's it No Brains:asskissf:
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    The sooner you quit blowing smoke up our butts, the sooner we can start washing the nicotines stains off.
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    PT Preload Sups are almost always hired off the street (or the barstool if she is cute). At least in my building.
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    Man, you are drinking way too much Kool Aid
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    Sure. I mean, after all, even our CEO was a part-time unloader once... Oh wait...
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    Are you on crack? Or do you just want to sell your soul to the devil? for a golden fiddle??Johnny!!!
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    This toolbag has gotta be Kappa. I'm all about positive posts but not when you're contradicting yourself in other threads.
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    If your in management you have to kiss ass to get promoted and stay promoted at UPS there are management people that get demoted all the time because they have run out of ass kissing skills.

    If your in the union you don't get promoted you can be the laziest piece of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: in the world and still get a higher paying job if you put your name on the list and have enough seniority...
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  14. The Milkman

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    i vomited in my mouth when i read that...go away troll, you have no idea
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    I used to think this was the way it was; in fact, my career path resembles the ideal situation alluded to by the OP: preloader->driver helper->skilled driver helper (i.e. knows thoroughly how to use DIAD)->learned stick (trained by sups on job)->driver. However, being on these boards (not to mention talking to the majority of drivers in my hub) I see my path was atypical, and now I find myself stuck on thr ladder. Next up for me is feeders, but the demand isn't the greatest in my local, although jobs are available; I think i could get picked in the next two or three years. However, two large feeder operations (Willow Grove/Horsham, Pa and Lawnside, NJ) are close by, and desperately need feeder drivers; however, we are different locals and have no access to those jobs, short of quitting UPS (losing our senioroty) and hiring on at Willow Grove as a new hire.

    I believe allowing transfers between buildings between regions can help. In my hub (and others, like the aforementioned Willow Grove), there may be more opportunities for advancement. Even now we have been asked to get referrals for utility drivers as the dovetailed list has been exhausted. I don't believe I put this as one of my desires to see added to the contract, but I intend to for the next one.
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    Promote from within, terminate from within.
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    Hahaha........ Well said... That's awesome....

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