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    Let me first say I hope im not posting a topic discussed here to much and ive overlooked it. I am intrested in working with ups as a driver. I think pretty much all locations are hiring part time package handlers. Is this known as a common entry job into further areas of ups? I am wondering how long it would take for other oportunities in the company. I need a job that I can have for the rest of my life. UPS sounds like a good company to be with. I currently work for Wal-Mart and I work my ass off unloading trucks and wondered if ups could offer a faster rate of promotion. I really hope you guys can give me positive feedback.

    Thanks M1:happy2:
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    You might've have overlooked the search button. I wouldn't give it a second thought, move from Wal-Mart to UPS. You'll be making 10 in around 90 days and be getting free benefits, as long as you're hired before August I believe. After that you have to wait 1 year from date of hire to start receiving benifits. You wont get as many hours, but you can always double shift. UPS is harder, but wal-mart is gay. As far as progression, wait for a driver to respond.

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    You can work at both places. UPS will hire you only part time 99% of the time. So you would need that other job to supplement your income. Unless you go to college that is. Time rates to full time differ at every building
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    Generally everyone gets their start at UPS as a pt package handler, unless you have management exp, you could go in as a sup. Per the contract 1/6 of new drivers are either hired off the street or a pt sup. If your hopes are to e a driver for UPS you're going to be working at walmart for a while to supplment. Times range widely in different parts of the country, some it can take under a year and others it can be over 10, I belive the average is 5-7.
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    5-7 years or months to be a driver?
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    Years. If it was months there would be no one to load/unload/sort the packages now would there. :/
  7. But Benefits Are Great!

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    I, BBAG, have absolutely nothing to say on this topic.

    Side note to that - I started with 8 other PT unloaders. Only me & one other are still there.

    Two weeks later another 10 started. Only 3 of those are still there.
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    Touchy subject.

    First off, nothing is "free" like some mention.

    You have to pay into the union, generally 25$ weekly out of your check for 6 months or so. Once you're into the union, you pay 49$ monthly for benefits (union dues)

    There are generally 2 ways to be promoted.

    First is part-time supervision (which most of the college kids do). It's not a fun position to be in, and start around 13.20/hr, at least up this way. Generally 5-6 hour days/nights. Even with a college degree part-time supervision doesn't pay much, that is generally what I have been told by supervisors and those who were canidates (including myself).

    Going full-time supervision or managing beyond there is very difficult to get into because there's often many many other candidates before you with more experience.

    Second is going full-time driving. This is difficult as there's usually a wait list for full-time. Might be 6 months, might be 6 years. It all varies from center to center, size of center, length of the seniority list of people waiting to drive.
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    This must vary per local. Our monthly dues are $20 and the initial was $200.
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    What do you mean our monthly dues??? :dead:It depends how much you make hourly times 3 or 3 1/2 hours. That is how you figure out your union dues for each month.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Union dues are your hourly wage times a negotiated figure--for us, it is 3, so we pay $85/month (FT driver) for the "privilege" of being in the Union. Union dues can be deducted from your taxes if you itemize.
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    at first really try to work pt at both companys.looking for jobs of any kind at this timeis not easy Because if you leave ups in a few weeks your out of both. not best times to be job hopping good luck in your choice a ft driver not a typist.
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    isn't that what i said?
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not really--you said "What do you mean our monthly dues??? :dead:It depends how much you make hourly times 3 or 3 1/2 hours. That is how you figure out your union dues for each month. " You based your union dues upon the number of hours that you work each day. Union dues are based upon your hourly wage which is then multiplied by a negotiated number paid monthly.

    For FT drivers, $28.20 X 3 (this is the multiplier negotiated by NYS Teamsters) = $84.60 which they round up to $85. The multiplier may vary from local to local. I can recall the multiplier being 2 when I first started, then it went to 2 1/2 and now it is at 3, so we get a double whammy whenever we get both a pay raise and they increase the multiplier.
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  16. barrycold

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    People care don't care how much union dues were when you started. That's dinosaur days.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Those "dinosaur days" provided the security that you have today, much the same as the dinosaurs before me provided the security that I enjoy.

    Your equation was wrong and I simply corrected you. Maybe if you took the time to preview your post before submitting it you would have had a chance to correct your error--you didn't, so I did it for you.

    This is what you said in your "corrected" version:

    "Same thing. If I didn't say 3 or 3 1/2 hours would you still correct me? I didn't base it out how many hours I work each day. HOURLY X 3 hours? It's the same."

    It is not the same!!! HOURLY X 3 hours is not the same. Union dues has nothing to do with how many hours you work. It is simply your hourly wage multiplied by a negotiated figure paid monthly.

    Perhaps you can get one of your "dinosaurs" at your center to explain it to you so that you can understand.
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    see our dues work all dif up here........ .45(pt) or i believe .75(ft) an hour then 20 dollars a month for pt and i think its 60 for ft.... then the initiation fee is 75 for pt and i think 200 for ft
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    when i said hourly....then that meant hourly i right? I didn't say anything about how many hours worked. 3 hours is the same as 3 times. That is the language I was told by my shop steward.
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    I work with many top level managers, and most started as P/T or overnight while attending college.