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  1. Brown Assassin

    Brown Assassin Underpaid for too long

    I have never seen so many changes to a policy when someone had to be promoted. This went from not having a college degree, to not having the specific college degree, to not having sufficient experience (been doing the work for 4 or 5 years), and so on.

    Then, when the 15th required signature has been acquired and its time to get you the salary, you get stiffed on that based on some stupid equation that even Einstein would not figure out that is used to calculate your new wage.

    This is with respect to office personnel. Is the same true for hubs?
  2. Braveheart

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    We have one on road who is about 25-27 years old and no education that I know of and drove for 6 months to get manager job. They are hurting so bad with manager defections they are taking anybody. We got another who was a partimer for 3-4 years and drove for like 45-60 days and got promoted. Talk about the blind leeding the blind. They are both in for a rude awakining that they only make like $36-$38 grand and if they stayed driving in 2 years they would be making $60-$70 grand.
  3. Brown Assassin

    Brown Assassin Underpaid for too long

    That was a reality check I got back in 2003. I volunteered as a driver helper for Xmas. The office is slow, so why not lend a hand and get out and have some fun. I loved being on the truck and busting my hump doing deliveries. It was a great experience. In the office, I worked with some clowns that wouldn't even get their hands dirty lifting up a Next Day Air envelope.:wink:

    Anyhow, when the driver told me how much he was making......on the job only 5 years (like me at the time), I almost lost it. here I grad, double major, and this driver with nothing more than a high school diploma (nothing wrong with that.....not meant to offend) is making a nice junk more than me.

    Honestly......what's wrong with that picture?
  4. xkingx

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    my area requirements....attain seniority,go f/t driving for 30 days..then become the delivery sup for the center you just drove for..After, bark around orders and act like youve been with the company for years and you've driven since day one:thumbdown .Yeah, I can see how someone like that would get respect..
  5. Brown Assassin

    Brown Assassin Underpaid for too long

    The worse a manager or sup treats their people, the more upper management respects and takes care of them. Its truly amazing.
  6. 36-38 Grand?!
    You're kidding, right? Operation supervisors can make 55-60 grand base pay. They get a half-month bonus, and during the last few years, they got 10-15 grand in MIP stock (yeah, yeah, the MIP is a 5-year deal now).
  7. rngri4

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    I am in management, as a PDS, and counting our driver SUPS out of about 20 people in our morning f/t management team, myself and 2 other people are the only ones with degrees. We have even had P/T Sups buying degrees online just to try to get ahead of others.
  8. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    some truth to that point. Best thing we can all do is to take that occasional schumk who believes in fair treatment and kill yourselves to make his numbers look good.
  9. As for a office management job making less than a driver. We have a lot of drivers who are college grads. It is the toughtest job in the company and for the piles of crap we dump on them they (most of them) earn it. I am a On car sup, in Pa. I am currently looking for employeement else were, only because of the amount of hours I put in.
  10. dave_socal

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    Amazing with your college education you need to ask that question. We drivers do THE WORK of UPS and produce a profit for the company after my training I never needed a supervisor to tell me how to do my job why becuse I did my job period. So why should a service company over pay a task master when the task is being done. All they need is people to write up the bad drivers and fire the ones who are unable to correct their errors. Good Mgmt is worth something but generic sups with worthless degrees are a dime a dozen. Everytime I cash my check I feel pride and I also feel soreness in my bones the price I pay for no college degree so when you have to ask "whats wrong with that picture" nothing in my opinion. All people in this Company who dont have sore backs and calloused hands should question their worth and make sure they don't over estimate it!
  11. Brown Assassin

    Brown Assassin Underpaid for too long

    Dave, as stated in my comment that you quoted, I did not mean to offend any driver out there. As a helper, I know 100% what you guys do day in and day out, and during Peak which is when I worked. You guys are the bread and butter of Brown and I do not want you thinking I under value that, nor do I think you should make less.

    The point of my comment was that even with the same amount of time in the company, a driver and myself had such extreme differences in salary. I do not think I should have made more than him/her. My point is that office sups are under paid and where I was, they felt it when people stared leaving. I did not want to leave. I had a difficult time parting ways and am saddened by it, but the bottom line is that I too have to put food on the tabel, pay a mortgage, etc. When a job gets to the point where it costs you money to go to it, something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

    Bottom line is that upper management where I was lost sight of the impact the poor salaries had on its good people and that had a pretty negative effect on them.
  12. KRAM

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    My On Car Sup got fired about 2-3 months ago (didn't even know it til over a week later), they replaced him with a preload part time sup that has never driven one day for UPS and this guy thinks he can tell me how to do the job lol. I was always under the impression that to be an On Car Sup you had to at least qualify as a driver?
  13. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    Not kidding. The newbie sup told me. I did hear they had a new 5 year waiting period to touch any of their stock bonus. I am talking on road manager not center manager or operations manager. Is that a preload/reload manager or center or higher. UPS has driven away all the higher paid managers thinking the new blood is cheaper and hungrier. Some of the ones that left made me smile due how big jerks they were. However we lost some real good ones too. Worst of all we have a bunch of horse show judges running UPS. Sorry, FEMA joke. Had to do it. We have a new manager who drove only 6 months with zero part time and not even 30 years old. They brag about him being a DHL sup prior. That is like taking Dollar Store manager and putting him in charge of Nieman Marcus.
  14. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    I feel bad for the new sups who really care, work hard, actually train, and treat their drivers well. But that is what happens when you go public. I remember when pt sups made 2-3 grand a month now they trick them into it for 1100 to 1300 a month. I had a friend a few years ago making 50 grand as a driver and they offered him 55 grand to go into management. He turned them down and that was 5 years ago.
  15. Schnellfahrer

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    Our center manager(who should be the most experienced of the management group) is certified to drive and has never driven for the company. He also just came from loss prevention(security) so we're all watching our asses.
  16. mittam

    mittam Member

    We have driver sup in our center that can't even drive a stick shift, now ....what's wrong with that picture
  17. mittam

    mittam Member

    can that sup drive a stick? we have one she can't even drive a stick how is she going to demonstrate space and vis on a ride
  18. wornoutupser

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    Our building lost a driver to supervision recently.

    His driving experience consisted of shafting every driver that he could, running like a dog all day and skipping lunch.

    He could never do a meet point to help anyone else, yet he was the first driver in every day. He had the guts to complain that he did not make enough money like the rest of the drivers!

    I hope he is happy with his new job, we are happy that he is gone!
    If he comes back, I still have the NXDA envelope that he mis delivered the last day that he drove :-)
  19. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    Union. I know, I think its stupid, too.
  20. rngri4

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    Not to be stupid here Assassin, but I even knew this when I wen't into part time management some time ago. I knew that the drivers would make more etc. I went driving for about a year after I worked about 6 months in part time management, and am now in full time management, and make good money. I knew going into part time management at the beginning that people with less time than me would go driving first, and I would make less, they tell you all that before they even ask you if you wan't to take a management job, I knew with my degree I could advance further, and I knew what was going to happen.