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    This is a proposal for the south atlantic region, it has made it to the commetie and we want to make sure it gets into this contract, so if anyone reads this from the region please contact me and I will let you know how you can support this proposal or if you have any questions. This is a copy of our proposal for the South Atlantic region taken from the western region language. It may not be perfect but its a start, it gives us flexabilty in our career.


    A full-time package driver shall be permitted to transfer from one (1) Company facility to another, provided said employee has an active letter on file stating the desired facifity into which they wish to transfer. Such letters must be dated within the past twelve (12) months to be considered active. Any such transfer shall take place only within the area covered by the Atlantic Area Supplemental Agreement and only prior to hiring from the outside. Any such transfer shall be limited to two
    (2) people, per year per destination facility. Such employee shall retain company seniority for the purpose of fringe benefits but shall be placed at the bottom of the appropriate seniority list.

    In addition, if feeder vacancies cannot be filled by the Company’s feeder request list, qualified feeder drivers may submit an active letter stating the desired facility they wish to transfer to. Such drivers will be offered openings prior to hiring from the street. The same provisions for package car drivers will apply to feeder driversas outlined in this section.

    It is understood that the Employer shall not be responsible for any costs associated with an employee transfer.

    It is the employee’s responsibility to verify all benefits at the requested transfer location. Benefits may vary by state and location. The medical, dental, vision, retiree medical coverage and pension benefit rates may be less or non-existent in the location you desire. Contact the Local Union having jurisdiction over the area you wish to transfer to for all information pertaining to area benefits.

    Note: Language is taken from the North California Supplement and/or Western Region
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    Not bad, should be in the Master so that it would be Company Wide
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    I agree and maybe one day it will be but for now we ned to get it in the supplement. They have this in other regions and since it protects the part timers and the full timers it will give us all flexablity in our career.
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    Just a dumb question here but, why didn't you bring this up during contract proposal meetings? Didn't you have any? I know you're talking about supplement lanquage but many supplements are also negotiated at the same time and contract negotiations and negotiations are going on right now!

    Isn't this a case of too little too late? If not, I hope it works.
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    Yes we did present it at the proposals and it has made it to the table we are just trying to keep the heat on it so it will go into the contract for sure. We have put together a petition and have sent around 200 names in support of this proposal to one of our former business agent who is now on the negotiation team, he said if we can show that this is an important issue to the members it will help him as they negotiat with the company. Sorry I wasnt clear at first about the intent of this tread its pupose is to show support for a propasal that is on the table and hopfully we can show we need and want this. If you have any more questions please ask if I dont know the ansewer I will try to find out.
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    Amen... transfers would be great, FedEx can do it... so should UPS... sure would have helped me out...
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    Supplement talks start this week stay intouch and informed with your locals.
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    What if "vacancies" for a center be posted not only at the hub it originates in, but those that are within range. I had a friend who worked at the Kroger W.H. here and when a new position or vacancy came available at one, they would post it at there other W.H. to give those wishing to transfer the opportunity, if there seniority was high enough to win.
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    I worked for SuperValu's retail division and they did the same thing. Sometimes it wasn't necessarily local, either. I remember glancing at some postings for across the country: Pacific Northwest, East Coast, corporate postions (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota), etc. Regardless, I think it'd be a good idea for UPS to do the same thing. I'm always hearing supes/managers bemoaning the turnover. This might be a good way to keep people. -Rocky
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    I knew Fedex was doing it. Im in the North Atlantic agreement. I agree that it should go in the Masters, Company Wide. That would be great. Just what the doctor order. UPS, listen to me. Hey Mr. Micheal Eskew, I believe Founder Jim Casey would wont you to have this idea placed in the contract. Just think folks. Let me put it to you this way. Johnny gets hired at Point A UPS center. Johnny works hard for 2 or 3 years than, his production starts to drop off. The job gets old. Same old faces(Ugly, just kidding). Same old parking lot. Same old bathroom(pee bottles, haven't seen that posted in a while, LOL) Do you see where Im heading folks. When someone get transfered like to point B center. Its like making that old employee new again. Born Again, perphaps. Production could go up. A new and revigorated employee. Hey, Brass, with Production up. Earnings go up. Thus your stock will go up. HELLO!!!!!!!!
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    Maybe one day we will be able to nation wide, but for now within our areas is a good start some have it hopefuly we will all be able to someday. Nation wide would be great but I do see where it could be sticky with so many different pension plans. Any way one day but for now I will be happy to have flexablity in my career to move within my area.
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    I am looking forward to glancing at postings of jobs that I may request to transfer to also, hopfully we will be able to soon.
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    Doug...the SuperValu positions I was talking about were mostly salaried positions--managerial, etc. However, on a related note, I once looked into transferring with the company. I was told it could happen--with a little paperwork, etc. Problem was they wanted me to do the legwork--contacting the store(s), etc. I got the message and told the HR rep, "No deal. I'll tender my notice when I'm ready!" In addition, I do remember seeing postings for openings at other stores in the Chicago-area. Those were more along the lines of what we're talking about here--hourly employees. I also saw a number of people transfer to my store from other stores. Not a bad thing at all. They brought with them a wealth of experiences, stories, etc that we all benefited from. In the case of UPS, I think the same would happen. -Rocky
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    Talks going slow this week may go into next week. Keep informed with you locals to see how OUR contract talks are going.
  15. doug

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    Talks going on into this week for the south atlantic area supplements , going slow but hopefully that means time is being given to our proposals.
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    What about part timers?
  17. doug

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    They can already transfer. We have one in our center that came from Raliegh.
  18. LKLND3380

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    We had a guy move here from Ohio last year. He was not an educational transfer and was a cover driver up north... HE LOST IT ALL... Had to start on preload at $9.50 no paid Holidays and had to wait 90 days for insurance...

    His wife was offered a job promotion here so they moved..

    Years of hard work just to drop down like he was a new hire off the street... All because he was not an Educational transfer...

    Another Preloader had a kid that needed medical treatments in Mississippi. He went to HR and asked for a transfer based on need and was refused because it was not an Educational Transfer...

    Section 6 - Part-time Employee Transfer

    Part-time employees who wish to transfer to another location for educational purposes may submit a written request to the Employer. If approved, the transfer shall be allowed subject to the following conditions:
    A. A part-time opening exists at the desired location.
    B. Employees must have attained seniority and been employed by the Employer for at least one (1) year.
    C. Job Classification Seniority shall be end-tailed.
    D. Company seniority shall be retained for the purpose of number of weeks of vacation, and number of holidays in accordance with the applicable Supplement at the new location.
    E. Any expenses, including moving expenses associated with an approved transfer, shall be the responsibility of the employee.

    As I said before what about Part Timers? Maybe UPS should do the drivers like the Part Timers - EDUCATIONAL TRANSFERS ONLY
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    The p/t lauguage may not be good but there is some, we f/t have no way to move at this time thats why we sent up this proposel, maybe next time the union asks for contract proposels you should propose a change thats how we get change we get involved. So my anwser to this post about what about part timers is what did you propose to your local union to change things.
  20. doug

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    We still dont have an agreement on our supplament, they will keep talking this week and more until it gets done. Keep intouch and informed is our contract.