Prosecutor: No criminal charges in horrific pit bull attack on UPS driver

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    Prosecutor: No criminal charges in horrific pit bull attack on UPS driver - KATU

    The Pierce County Prosecutor's Office says no charges will be filed against the owner of pit bulls that attacked a UPS driver last year and left him in need of 133 stitches for multiple bites, including one that tore through muscle down to the bone of the man's left leg.

    The attack happened last September when United Parcel Service driver Kevin Backlund attempted to deliver a package to a property in Puyallup. He entered a gated yard and was attacked by a pack of at least four pit bulls.

    Firefighters had to ram through a driveway gate to save Backlund after they were denied entry to the property by a woman who was there.
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    See you in civil court
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    DENIED ENTRY by a woman who was there? They didn't lock HER up???
  4. Shoot both of them
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    I wonder if the county prosecutor is a relative of the lady with the dogs?
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    So should ups be telling us. “Do not go inside a closed gate.....period”?
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    I don't know what happened in this case, but if I was blind on a route I shook gates and looked around for telltale piles a lot before I opened one. Most dog attacks in my experience happen when the owner opens the door, the dog runs out, and the driver is bitten right after the owner yells, "Don't worry, he doesn't bite!" This comment is usually followed by, "Gee, he never did THAT before..."
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    It was a little more than that
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    read the article it says what precautions he took, sounds like they were let out after he entered

    a very similar thing almost happened to me once, i always whistle and that drew the 4 pits out; snotty lady refused to bring them in so i sheeted it refused and left, put a CPAD in to not enter the yard dangerous dogs

    she was cussing me out when i left; :censored2: people like that
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    I’d take it to that bitch. Be sure I owned that dump before it was all said and done.

    And last but not least I’d drown those worthless pitbulls.

    But that’s just me. And I’m an :censored2:.
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  11. silverbullet2893

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    Almost got bit by a pitbull last week in the hood. Dude was pissed we were in “his yard” (our right-of-way) marking for a utility locate. People really don’t give a damn and then wanna bitch when you lay the hammer down.

    Always keep my eyes pealed. Especially in the area I work.
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    Yes you are!