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  1. WizardMonkey

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    Hi Everyone:

    I am, perhaps, going to be hired by UPS Canada as a driver. I am currently working in a job that was better than the last one I had since returning to Canada in November, 2006, but a far cry from what I was doing for the last 9 years in Europe. I am wondering if anyone can tell me, relatively unbiasedly, about what it might be like working for UPS as a driver? To put it in perspective, I am currently working with the City in which I live, unblocking people's sewers. No benefits, a fixed rate of pay for at least 2000 hours and "no guarantees" of anything permanent in the future.

    I have done many, many things in my life, and the job with UPS would be the 15th different job that I've held since my very first summer job in high school, so I have seen a lot, and I am not afraid of hard work, as long as people are treated with respect and honesty.

    I can tell more about myself, but I think that it will be better if it all comes out along the way.

    Thanks for your time, those who reply.
  2. Salesguy

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    Hi Prospective employee!

    Welcome to UPS.
    You can have a pretty good live with ups if you live up to its standards and go beyond. If you are not willing to do that, with in considiration that you are already on your 16th job,
    I would suggest you keep your eyes open for other companies.

    But thanks for thinking of UPS:thumbup1:
  3. WizardMonkey

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    Thanks, man.

    Don't judge me wrongly. I've worked at two jobs for long stretches. One with Canadian Airlines as a ramp attendant for about 11 years, and then with British Telecom in three different roles for almost 9 years. I have had to take a number of jobs at different stages in my life to get by before finding something decent, you see.

    Returning to Canada means that I am literally starting from scratch again. It is not easy at 43 to do so, and people who squawk that an education will get you somewhere do not know the reality. I have two undergraduate degrees, the last one is a B.Sc. I have loads of telecoms experience, but cannot find a job in that field, mostly, I think, due to age discrimination. At least UPS and the City are willing to give me a chance.

    I was wondering also if there is anyone out there working for UPS Canada?
  4. MR_Vengeance

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    are you in good shape? 43 is kinda old to start busting ass at ups. this is an young man's fact they love the young guns who run every stop.
  5. WizardMonkey

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    See, you're an ageist, as well. So common in these days of supposed lack of discrimination. When you get to be 43, tell me if you feel old. It's all to do with how you take care of yourself and how you let yourself think about age. I'm doing everything in life about 10 or 20 years later than is the "norm". But I've done more in my 43 years than most people could do in three lifetimes. Keeps me young.

    I've been in better shape, but I'm still strong and attempt to keep my strength up. Have to get back into running, as well. I worked as a window installer for a while before landing the sewage gig. Lugging windows up three flights of stairs is a good workout, I'll tell you. And now I carry 40 pound rolls of cable (two at a time) in an out of people's basements.

    I saw so much disgusting stuff last night in my sewage gig, that I'm quite sure UPS will be a piece of piss compared to my last two jobs. I have my second interview this morning.

    By the way, I thought rock 'n roll was a young man's gig. You have a lot of growing up to do, to be sure.
  6. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    Um, age does not have anything to do with it! I am 40 and just put in my 31 days at UPS as a sorter my goal is to be a driver. Its not about age but how much a persons body can handle. So no 43 isn't kind of old to start!
    So why judge someone that you don't even know.
    Being in shape has no age limit just ask the 78 yr. old thru the 90 yr. old ladies that play basketball in Dallas! That was interesting tidbit in the news about 5 months ago.
  7. Sammie

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    With your two undergraduate degrees, have you applied for a sales position? It requires higher education, it pays well and is not as physically demanding as driving.
  8. txmomof2b2g

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    Ooops did it again! supposed to have been under my log in and not my husband's. Oh wait I know it's because I am getting senile and I couldn't remember that browntruckmechanic is my husband's and not mine. :lol:
  9. sendagain

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    You can make a pretty decent living at UPS if you don't mind hard work, and it sounds like you don't. I also had a few jobs before settling at UPS, where I realized that it was a pretty good company to work for, having great benefits and better than average pay. You go home at night with a clean conscience and people appreciate you when you arrive at their address with things they want. You can always opt for management if your body looks like it won't cut it anymore, plenty of people have done it.
  10. MR_Vengeance

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    you are right age has nothing to do with it, being in good shape does! when i stated it was a young man's gig, i meant taking the daliy punishment of jumping in and out of the truck on your knees.........