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    Corporate America is running this country, and corporate America is ruining this country. Let me rephrase that; People are running this country, and people are ruining this country. UPS is no different. UPS management has one objective, to get you off the clock, cut down your paid day, no matter what it takes. We on the other hand have our own objectives, to do our jobs and to feed our families. Protecting the work keeps UPS in business and us getting paid. IF we all do our jobs correctly there will be plenty of work out there, and more importantly a lot more work to come. If you need help finding someone who is doing the job correctly, look around, think, ask, then act. Took a little bit of time didn't it? - there is a thin line between knowledge and assumption-
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    One stop at a time
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    I smell TROLL. Starts 4 threads and then doesn't answer questions posed to him.

    you still haven't answered my question. How long have you been doing the JOB???????????????
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    You really don't understand the ups culture ?
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    Troll or not, What he says is the truth. It's pretty simple....There's hardly any corporations in the country who actually care about people, It's sad to say....Everything in the world is about getting money, That's it....No matter what it takes, Greed
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    You forget that this country was founded on Capitalism and that is what makes our economy great. Our economy worsens when you give people things and don't make them work for it. If the corporations do well, then the people do well. Unions were good at one time but have outlived their purpose and you see more and more socialism and dare I say the essence of communism when people want equality and the workers want rights and power. I understand that you think corporations are evil and greedy but the truth is the world is about business, if you limit business you limit the economy.
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    A little twist and turning of this thread:

    My Oncar Sup and I were talking after work the other night after he got back to the building after attending a District meeting. I don't know exactly how many Package Drivers are in my District, but they were told that there were enough over allowed hours to put in 45 extra routes. hmm....
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    Yes our capitolistic economy has nearly destroid unions, and replaced those good-paying jobs with low-wage jobs or empty warehouse buildings. Hmmm seems this great economy is doing super well now that the unions are weak and normal-joe's haven't got a prayer to say anything against the system. Come on, do you live in a cave? There are holes in the ship and it's sinkin, time to stop bailing and plug some holes.:peaceful:
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    I agree but this is a different age....People at the top of these empires can not run a business as well as their founders...They do whatever it takes to fill their pockets with cash, so they can retire...Even the union has turned into corporate greed. You have to wake up and realize that all people want is a full time job with decent pay, That's what makes a strong economy...

    We need jobs...Here in america...Not mexico, or india

    This guy at my hub said he started out at over 12/hour back in the early 1980' our company
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    To me it only shows how "twisted" the allowances are.
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    20 very long years

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Your statement is absolutely clueless. UPS is cutting jobs and expenses and you're surprised? In the years I've worked, after peak you expected to get your hours reduced or get laid off temporarily. It just happens to coincide with what many companys are doing at the moment.

    I have faith in the company I choose to work for and I have faith that the adjustments are good for the companys financial health and stability.

    Top managers aren't lining their pockets at our expense. Where you are getting this kind of garbage? This economy will not magically fix itself overnight.

    So companys are adjusting payroll accordingly, shouldn't we all be doing that personally too? Good money management will get you through this trying times.
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    yeh brother
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    I am the UPS culture
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    Never believe a word that comes out of their mouthes.
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    This company has brainwashed you....If you were to a run a business you would run it the same way UPS does because it's what you're use to....Hustle hustle hustle, screw our employees they don't matter...

    UPS is successful only because the package industry is not competitive, There's only one other shipping company to use, so it's hard for UPS to not be successful, It's not as easy for another company to come in and become a threat because of the way the package industry is set up. If there other companies years ago along side UPS and FEDEX, lets say 10 other companies, Don't imagine UPS would stay in business...I'm fortunate it's not that way
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    After spedning 28 years at UPS, I agree 100% with Blackbox, this company is not out to screw any employees or their families financially, the company is responding to the global economic crisis at hand. UPS has been in business for over 100 years, and has in the past and present, and will in the future adjust their business plan based on the economy.

    Less volume, less hours worked, less employees needed. No company in their right mind would keep employees on the payroll, as not to disappoint them with a reduction in hours or pay. Business plans are executed to make a profit, plain and simple.
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    With all the money you and mostly everyone else on this site makes, I guess I would feel that way too. Up until you actually get that privilege of being full time and top pay I guess your opinion of the company is not as good
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    Would you like to rethink this position? Is UPS paying you less than they agreed when you signed on?
    I am a preloader, the pay is awful, however, it is exactly what UPS and I agreed to when I accepted the job. I do the job because of the future potential.
    Should this lower my opinion of the company?
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    The way to get that "privilege" is to NOT fight company direction at every turn. This is not new.

    In the 1940's, Jim Casey talked about the need for the business to grow and how it will affect our people.

    He said:
    "An expanding business is the only way to provide opportunities for our people."

    "Our company has grown because our people have grown, and our people have grown because our company has grown. And so it will be in the future... "

    Tough decisions had to be made then as well.