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    I accidentally put this over on the Union forum and cant figure out how to delete so I thought I would put it over here also..Sorry 1st post on here.

    There is a Part Time Air Driver job open in my hub. I'm interested in putting in for this job and have been in local sort for about 3 months. Sometimes when more than one package car driver is off or need help, and when the full time package cover driver is busy on another route, the part time Air driver will cover a route that needs to be taken. I was told today that possibly any one of the two PT feeder coverage drivers could bump the PT air driver for a route because they would have more seniority than me since they have both been to package car school... Is this a true statement??
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    Depending on what your local supplement says probably true.
    I was an exceptional air driver , 1986-2008 , and the one rule that all air drivers have to learn is feast or famine .
    Meaning when there is work available take it , no matter how much or how little because one day there will be none .
    Let mgt know that you'll do the smallest jobs and over time they will depend on you more.
    Heck I even had one sup make up a little poem about me.
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    Not to be a smart ass but how does one become an exceptional air driver? We have two air drivers and they are adequate at best.