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    I have been a pt supervisor for 16 of my 16.5 years. I was supposed to go driving back in 2008, took all my pre-Integrad training and prerequisites, but they kept postponing my Integrad class training with no reasons given. Then peak season came and went, they laid off a bunch of drivers due to lack of volume, and when they got their routes back, I heard nothing. Got the run-around for years. About a year ago, I was told they don't let pt supervisors go driving anymore. Only way to drive is if we get brought back in as full time supervisors. Passed my full time sup. test, but had to retake my phone panel interview. That is, until they dropped the MAPP program, and now have to wait till job is posted online to interview. Which never happens because they pick people who passed during the MAPP era. Is this the same no more pt sups. driving policy in all Hubs? Are there any pt sups. out there who started driving in the last 5 years and still on the road and if so, what did you to go get and stay out there? Thanks in advance.
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    image.gif This is gonna be good!!!
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    Seems like a reasonable question.
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    It does seem like a reasonable question. The OP was sold a bill of goods and is far too invested to walk away at this point.
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    In the last three years I have seen 3 pt sups start driving, two of them went ft management and drove for a while before going back to management. The other one went ft driving and looks like he has no plans of going ft management, he joined the union and got on the 9.5 list.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have to have driven for at least 30 days to become an ORS, hence the term "30 day wonder".
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    We had a preload sup become a FT driver @spring 2015
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    I drove last summer as a PT Sup and became a FT Sup last October. Did you tick someone off?
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    Just stfu will you please?
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  10. RonBurgandy??????????

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    If it is meant to be, it will happen for you, one way, or another. Don't dwell on it. Strive to be to be the best you can at your current position
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    Please enjoy your stint on my ignore list.
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    Pt sup to full time does still happen 1 in 6 get hired off the street. Off the street is for full time driver transfers, then other non union workers for ups, then actual off the street person. So there's a pecking
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  15. Boysie8706

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    Good luck, I'm a part time sup that's been trying for 5 years and I've heard all the excuses and now they're all nice because it's United way time. Well here are my excuses too.
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  16. Mapp

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    I would suggest you transfer out of your hub to a smaller building. I'd say you are getting dicked.

    My local hub hires seasonal feeders off the street. Maybe get your cdl and try for that?