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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by IndyMan2008, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. IndyMan2008

    IndyMan2008 New Member

    Hi all,

    I am considering a UPS Part-time Package Handling position at an Earn and Learn hub (Indianapolis). I am wondering if anyone could give me some answers to the following questions concerning UPS benefits:

    1. Does the UPS tuition allowance (of $1500 per semester) apply to graduate school?

    2. Does the $2000 yearly student loan opportunity apply to graduate school?

    3. How soon, after being hired, can I expect either the tuition or student loan benefit to go into effect?

    The reason I ask such questions is because I am attending graduate school and I hope that the Earn and Learn benefits can help me to meet some graduate school financial deadlines which are coming up VERY soon.

    I would greatly appreciate (reliable) answers to the above questions. Thanks!!
  2. cino321

    cino321 Active Member

    The earn & learn is a reimbursement program. In other words, you front the money, they'll reimburse you if you pass, and you need to prove it to them. Trust me, been there.
  3. IndyMan2008

    IndyMan2008 New Member

    Thanks, cino321. Your answer helps me with question 3.
  4. IndyMan2008

    IndyMan2008 New Member

    Hey, all,

    I am wondering if there is anyone who can help me answer completely all of my three questions from my initial post. I need help asap! Thanks!

  5. magoo57

    magoo57 Member

    If you already have a bachelor's then all the programs will apply to graduate school.
    What's your major?
  6. IndyMan2008

    IndyMan2008 New Member

    Hey, magoo,

    Thanks for replying. My Ph.D. major is theology. I have taken all the graduate courses I need and I have passed all the language exams and my comprehensive exams. Now I am trying to write my dissertation, but I am having a very difficult time paying the (high) continuing tuition to finish my program. So I am hoping for a part-time job with education benefits. UPS seems like a good choice, but I'm not sure.
  7. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    I heard you need to be a PT Supe to get it. At least in my hub
  8. supercool

    supercool Member

    Not at my hub... the Earn and Learn is for all PT employees at select hubs (what criteria they use for selection, I don't know)

    $3k a year isn't that much anymore as far as tuition is concerned. When I went to community college it covered almost all of it (save a couple hundred bucks), but now that I'm at a four-year school it covers less than half. Oh well. All the help I can get is appreciated.

    ANYWAY, to answer your question, yes, the tuition reimbursement does cover Masters/PhD programs (I just checked the application website and both are an option for which type of degree you're pursuing).
  9. IndyMan2008

    IndyMan2008 New Member

    Thanks supercool (and Fnix too),
  10. magoo57

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    Indyman, a degree in theology?? in hoc signes vinces, et al?
  11. IndyMan2008

    IndyMan2008 New Member


    Yes, the profession has its risks. Some theologians do lose their faith, as some doctors lose their sense of good personal health and some lawyers become corrupt breakers of the law. But I'd rather keep my reason along with my faith (and hopefully my faith with my reason). :wink2:
  12. magoo57

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    reason and faith. so you're an Lutheran, right?
  13. IndyMan2008

    IndyMan2008 New Member

    Nope. Just a Christian.
  14. RockyRogue

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    Better double-check all comments about graduate school being covered. I wanted the help when I worked for UPS. I was denied. This was a year ago... -Rocky