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    I have been working at kroger for 2.5 years, since I was sixteen. A PT package handler seems like a much better job: more money, holidays off, weekends off, and better benefits. On the job search, there are current openings at my location. Just wondering if they are hiring regular PTers or just for seasonal help right now? On the job search, it dosent specify. If seasonal, what are the chances of them retaining me?
  2. Baba gounj

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    Currently only seasonal, Oct1st thru dec 25th is an open period. Meaning only the ones they want to keep will be called back after Jan 1st.
    Seeing how they keep saying layoff are coming, I would say to apply starting in Jan & keep your fingers crossed. It may take a few months before they are hiring again.
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    More money? kroger stores here (fred meyer) start off at 9.5 more then UPS
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    Kroger starts at 6.55-7.00 in our area and good luck getting hours. KS if you come to work every day and do a good job you shouldn't have any problem being rehired...unless the volume in your area of the country takes a big dive.
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    Why not do both? My loader works both for UPS and for a grocery store called Price Chopper. He has been with UPS for a while now and has been cover driving this peak and last and this is where his main focus is but his mgr at Price Chopper is very accomodating and works around his UPS schedule.
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    I second what Upstate said and add this, go for the seasonal. Jump during Christmas. Even if you don't stay on it gets your foot in the door. Sups always ask how the jumpers are doing. If you get a good report from your drivers it betters your chances to get in permanantly. That is how I got in.