PT Preloader getting at least 8 hours a day.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DrewKane, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. DrewKane

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    I guess it is because my hub is way understaffed, but my supervisor asked me to come in at midnight to do early pull. I kept contact with him for a while making sure I am supposed to come in at midnight. Now I just come in and work 8 hours a day. Is any other PT/ Preload else being allowed to work this much? This week as been a disaster of epic proportions, because of high volume and new people. Supposedly we had 150,000 on Thursday, with a skeleton crew. Oh and 12 people walked out after the PCM today.
  2. bleedinbrown58

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    Yep...all summer was mandatory OT on preload in my building happens.
  3. DrewKane

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    No I am not complaining at all, I am glad they let me come in. I counted and as of right now there are 4 full time and 4 PT doing early pulls on each boxline.
  4. Brownslave688

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    If you work 30 out of 90 over 8 an article 22 should be created. At least in my local.
  5. By The Book

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    If 12 people walked out today your building is going to be in chaos for awhile. Any insight on why the 12 people walked out?
  6. PT Car Washer

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    Good luck with that. Neither the Union or UPS want any Art. 22.3 jobs.
  7. How do you feel about it?
  8. I wish. Can't go over 5 in my building. Crackdown from district I guess

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    No double shifting until peak in my building is the new rule starting last week. It is killing the preload. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot UPS.
  10. DrewKane

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    As with it seems like everywhere, training is non existent so new people mess up (same story everywhere) and the plant sup completely went off. I can not believe someone with that kind of job in the company is that unprofessional. New people were like ":censored2: this". 4 of the 12 were PT Sups as well. It is so crazy, for a while I knew who my boxline supervisor was (4 months), then :censored2: went haywire I have no clue who it is in the last 2 months. Also have been getting later and later getting the trucks out. Today was around 8:45-9:00.
  11. Areyoukiddinme

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    if your ok with working those hours then i suggest you keep records of your punch ins, breaks and lunches otherwise you may get shafted
  12. Legitimyze

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    That seems to be the standard here.
  13. UnsurePost

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    I don't mind working my lunch, 20 min paid break and hour OT. The usual attendance and staffing issues at our building as well.
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