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  1. danielech07

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    Newb here! Been with the company 7 years. I heard this week (from a guy whos been pt for 20yrs) you have to put in a certain amount of hours per year to get retirement towards that year (like over 700 or so). Does anyone know if that is correct or sounds about right?
  2. That sounds about right. That really isn't a whole lot of hours. Only comes out to 13 or so a week.
  3. upschuck

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    750 here, check your supplement.
  4. Mike hunt

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    750 hours pt 1250 hours ft
  5. Gumby

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    You work here,until you die!
  6. danielech07

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    Good info! Ok i was out for 6 months on short term disability for shoulder surgery last year. Do those hours they paid me for in disability factor into it? Also does unused vacation/option days, do those go towards it?
  7. upschuck

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    Supplement states paid hours.
  8. barnyard

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    It will vary by region. Your local probably has a website (the address should be on the back of your membership card,) that info and usually a retirement calculator should all be on the website.