PT Sorter looking toward the future as a driver, what should I know?

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  1. pickyourking

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    Been here about 2 months now, and I originally sought the driving job, was told this was best way to get it, so here I am. I know I've got about a 3 year wait ahead of me, but apparently tons of our drivers are checking out a bit early due to something I cant recall, also, babyboomers are retiring. When will I be able to apply for Saturday Air Driver? Will this help me in the long run, if I become a Saturday Air Driver? I've heard some horror stories from guys on the line about driving, an a few of them have advised me against it, but I think a lot of it is perhaps envy of others success and the fact that they probably just failed miserably at it. Either way, I'm sort of scared now. Is driving tough? I've seen some of the guys parking the delivery cars though and I'm like, well if they can do it, sure as hell I can too. What else should I know?
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  2. joeboodog

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    Where do I start. First off, everything is based on seniority. Make sure you read the other posts about going driving. The pay and benefits are top rate but you will put up with a ton of crap and will work some insanely long hours. Being a driver is not for everyone but it's a good way to make an honest living.
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    Read more and post less. You are not the 1st and many others have posted their experience.
  4. upschuck

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    Saturday air driving is rather easy, and will only help you in your familiarity of the PC and some area knowledge. It is nothing like being a FT ground driver.
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    Take advice from the senior drivers in your building (15yrs or more). Yes the on cars to death but don't follow their examples. All they will be worried about is your paid day. Drive safely, don't have any injuries, make all your deliveries, all your pick-ups, and don't piss the customers off. DON'T RUN YOUR B***S OFF! You will only be asking for trouble. Remember, go to the senior drivers in your building. Best of luck. You'll be just fine.
  6. KzooUPSer

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    If you're 21, get your chauffers and have it ready and waiting... make sure you can drive a stick, keep a clean driving record, and start focusing on your safe driving habits now... Honestly, I think most people I went to driving class with struggled with knowing their safety and work methods word for word than anything else.

    Get yourself in a position to jump on an open spot as a seasonal driver or something, then go ahead and put yourself on the SVD list... Volunteer to work Saturdays, etc, etc... you may not be an "Official" driver but I was able to have steady full time work driving as a "temp" for well over a year... Made some people mad, but I had to look out for numero uno :-)
  7. you aint even know it

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    And eligibilty, for the 100 times.
  8. Wally

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    I wonder if he got a CDL, he would go into feeders faster than package car?
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    This. Most Saturday air drivers I knew that did Saturday driving for 3+ years could handle a truck but not a regular driver's work load. Ended up not making it their 30 days.

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  10. keeb86

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    Only thing that's sucks is that year or so you already put in driving doesn't count towards your pay progression :( .

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  11. Orion Syndicate

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    Skip package and go straight to feeders!

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  12. pickyourking

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    Feeders? Who do I talk to about my future at UPS, also? I was thinking about heading in early today to stop by HR and ask for advice on the matter, and inquire on any positions available now, if any.
  13. pickyourking

    pickyourking New Member

    Not really interested in feeders, after a google search. I want something where I can go to work, come home, and see my wife and children.
  14. you aint even know it

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  15. 728ups

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    And you want to be a driver???????
  16. Orion Syndicate

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    I've spent more time with family during the week the month I've been in feeders than I ever got to see them in a 6 month span in package, and I'm on the coverage board!

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  17. KzooUPSer

    KzooUPSer Once you go Brown...

    It's true, what's the point of making money if you're not even around when the wife and kids spend it??

    That's no fun
  18. pickyourking

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    I just don't want to be away for a week at a time. I already work 10-12 hour days most days of the time. (I tend bar and then head to UPS) So I'm used to the long hours. Let me repharase what I said, I want to sleep in my own damn bed with my wife.
  19. burrheadd

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    Why would you be away for a week at a time??

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  20. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Full time driving requires you to have no family life , that is a fact .
    10-12 hrs days are normal .
    Sat Air is a good starting place ; you will learn about the DIAD , you will learn how to find your way around , you will learn how to read traffic patterns , you will learn how to operate under time clock pressures .
    I have trained more Sat Air drivers than I can count , most have moved onto full time driving with little to no problems . Of course they too had to wait years for their chance , but every Sat added to their knowledge .
    Many thought I had it easy , but I spent a good long time learning every city & town my building covered , years worth .
    The best phrase to explain how to be a Sat Air driver is go out and get lost .